We want to know about your best technical prank!

Tech Prank - FrustrationOK, we've all been there and done that, so why not share your creative moments when your at your annoying best.

Here at Tech Talk Radio, we like a good laugh, as well, we'd love to share your cheeky endeavors with the rest of the world. There's the golden oldies, when it comes to tech pranks like swapping the keys about on your colleagues computer, deleting all the icons on your neighbour's desktop and replacing the desktop with a page grab before the deletion, and who can forget the screen saver that's just like the blue screen of death!

Even if you're not a regular listener, and your just passing, we'd still love to hear what you've done! Please give us a contact number so we can call you about your prank.

If we read your tech prank out on air, there'll be a prize of some kind in it for you, so what are you waiting for? Tell us your tech pranks - your secret is safe with us!

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