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How to sync Gmail Calendar and Contacts with Outlook 2007 and the iPhone FREE

The Challenge:
To sync Outlook 2007 Contacts with Gmail and the iPhone as well as Outlook Calendar without having to buy a subscription with anyone. In other words syncing for free.

Sync Outllook Contacts and Calender wth Gmail and iPhone

It can be done.
My aim was to sync my contacts in my outlook 2007 at the office with my Gmail account and my iPhone and Nokia E71, as well as my calendar This meant that if someone called my phone or we exchanged details using the bump application while out of the office, the contact details could be saved in the iPhone, and automatically find their way to my outlook Contacts folder via Gmail. The added benefit of storing contacts in Gmail is a safety backup in case technology failed me, which it does when you least expect it.

To date, I've found no one product to do everything, so I've listed what I've used below to help you achieve the same ends.

How to sync Calendar with Office 2007 Contacts, Gmail and iPhone.

Google Calender SyncTo sync contacts between outlook and Gmail, Google have their own application which you download and install on your PC called Google Calendar Sync.

At the time of writing this, I was using version Download Google Calendar Sync and run the application installer. Then it's simply a matter of telling the application your Gmail username and password as shown right.

You have the choice of syncing methods, both ways, or one way depending on your requirements. Both ways (2-way) is what you'll need to choose. Set your sync frequency as you wish, 2 hours is default.

So now you should be syncing merrily between outlook and Google calendar

There are some FAQ's too if you need them.

Bonus: If you're connected to a supported mobile service, you can get free SMS notifications sent to you as well. In Australia that's

  • Hutchison 3
  • Optus
  • Telstra
  • Vodafone

Now, to sync Gmail to my iPhone I used a free web service called NuevaSync.

NuevaSync provides over-the-air, push synchronization of email, contacts, and calendar entries for Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, and other mobile devices. NuevaSync works with Google Calendar, Contacts, Toodledo and any IMAP mailbox. Use the iPhone, Windows Mobile and other smart phones. It needs no app. Your phone's built-in sync client and in box is used. Just configure and sync. Below is the iPhone set up as described on the Nuevasync site. Be sure to sign up for the free account. Hint: This application will also sync your contacts with Gmail as well as your Calendar, so be sure to turn them both on.

Configuring iPhone and iPod Touch for NuevaSync

We recommend that you connect your phone to iTunes so it can take a backup before configuring.

1. Open the settings app and click "Mail, Contacts, Calendar..."
2. Click "Add Account..."


3. Click "Exchange"
4. On the next screen enter your Email address, NuevaSync Username and Password


5. If you see this warning don't worry. Click either accept or cancel (the result is the same see here for the details)
6. Enter the server name: www.nuevasync.com and click the "next" button


The iPhone will say it's verifying the account information and then that the account was verified.
Note that it is not telling the truth! It doesn't actually check that your username and password are
correct, only that it can contact the server. So if you mis-typed those things, you'll see an error
later even though you passed the verification stage.

7. Select the types of data you want to sync (if in doubt turning them all on is ok) and click "done"
Your iPhone is now setup to sync.


Now you're done. What you do on any one, will replicate to all other applications/devices.

How to sync Contacts with Office 2007 Contacts, Gmail and iPhone.

If you've followed the NuevaSync instructions above you're almost done. If you haven't, you need to. All that's left to do now is sync Outlook with Gmail, and to do this you need a free program called gcontactsynch. Visit the download page for gcontactsynch and download the latest version. At the time of writing this document it was

Google Outlook Contact SyncAfter a simple install all you need to do is provide your gmail login details, select your sychronisation interval, as well as your Update direction. This application is accessible from the task bar on your PC, along with Google Calendar Sync. Here you can fire them manually if needed.

That's it. So now both your calendar and contacts in your iPhone, Google account and Outlook will reflect each other and there's nothing you have to do. And the best thing, you haven't had to fork out any hard earned cash to anyone for use of cloud based syncing programs like Apple's Mobile Me.

If you fine anything better, or one application that does it all, please share it with us so we can tell the Tech Talk Radio listeners and post it here.

You can also tell us how you went, we'd love to know.

Good luck!

By the way, both downloaded apps are Google apps. Maybe they can roll both of them into one?

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