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   Episode 49/2012 - TX: December 3 2012 (Ep 413)

Monday December 3 2012

It's the last Tech Talk Radio for 2012, and the last show in the current format.
Join the panel, and or dedicated studio audience as we look back on the past 8 years of the show.

More: Tech Talk Radio, The end of an era.

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   Episode 48/2012 - TX: November 26 2012 (Ep 412)

Click Frenzy failOn the show today, Click Frenzy fizzles,

The European Parliament has passed a resolution opposing what is being termed as a United Nations-backed takeover of the Internet.

Internode has begun to roll out voice services over the NBN following the conclusion of a 12 month service trial. And Telstra is investigating the cause of a fire in its Warrnambool exchange in south-western Victoria that knocked out fixed and mobile voice and internet services for up to 60,000 customers.

And Google has signed a multi-territory licensing deal with a conglomerate of European music publishers called Armonia.

Don't forget Adam's View from the couch where he asks, is skipping the ads stealing? Leena has the latest in gaming news and there's the usual odd spot, gadget, app and website of the week.


Fastmail has been developed and supported by well-known Opera Software, and takes the hassle out of email.

They offer high-Reliability and uptime, Personal technical support.

Universal access from Phone, tablet or computer: your email is always there, with full support for the IMAP, POP and SMTP email standards to connect any native client, or access your email in any web browser through our powerful webmail service.

Odd Spot:German police stop man with mobile office in car


This is a clever remote-controllable web cam, designed for outdoor use, with a built-in 3G modem.

It's designed with a ruggedised chassis for hiding outside, and if it detects movement it can take a photograph and send to a pre-programmed number as an MMS message.

5 Mega Pixels color CMOS sensor, interpolated to 12 Mega Pixels Low standby power consumption in field life; standby power up to 3 months with 4xAA & 6 months with 8xAA Infrared flash up to 20 metres

180 GBP , about $280.00

App of the week:

Tag Town

GoCatch for Android and iGadgets

See the location of taxis on the goCatch map. Tap goCatch to catch a taxi and watch your driver approaching. Rate your driver out of 5 stars. Taxi drivers can also download & use goCatch to see where passengers are and get more jobs.

goCatch lets taxi cab drivers and passengers connect directly by using their iPhones. goCatch a Sydney taxi, Melbourne taxi, Brisbane taxi, there are Adelaide cabbies, Perth taxis, even some in Zagreb Croatia and now Singapore! To find the taxi drivers you like, ask them to download goCatch.


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   Episode 47/2012 - TX: November 19 2012 (Ep 411)

Google FibreOn the show today, Vodafone Hutchison Australia continues to lose customers and money despite a heavy investment in networks and branding, with revenue for the second half of 2012 down 14.8 percent on the previous half.

Google's fibre network goes live in Kansas, Torrent tracker The Pirate Bay has been hit by a distributed denial of service attack with the site ceasing to serve requests from users. The outage was confirmed on Twitter by one of The Pirate Bay's accounts, and is believed to have been orchestrated by a user called Zeiko.

Also Microsoft sold four million upgrades to its Windows 8 operating system in the three days following the system's launch, strangely, Steven Sinofsky, the president of both Microsoft's Windows and Windows Live divisions, is leaving the company with immediate effect and with no reason given? Better offer? Or did he fall on his sword? And Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, after being denied an African .ga domain, has found his way to New Zealand.

Gadget: Scarecrow Laser Tanks

Scarecrow laser tank

Website: Notification service for

Odd Spot: Taliban email blunder exposes members on their mailing list

Tag Town


Tag Town is a platform for location-based multi-player games and stories, played across mobile apps and web browsers. On an iPhone it looks and feels like a Camera app. You identify real world locations from clues and then take your own photos to progress in the game. The aim is to discover new places and unlock achievements - stories, prizes, discount vouchers from participating vendors.


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   Episode 46/2012 - TX: November 12 2012 (Ep 410)

ConroyOn the show tonight, Conroy ditches the controversial mandatory ISP filter which was an election promise at the last federal election.

Interesting that Telstra is to retry it’s Next G web filter service as well.

ISP TPG faces court over triple zero access, and Telco’s declare that SMS is unsafe for banking transactions.

Also if you’ve ever wondered what a copyrighted tweet is, well wonder no more as Twitter starts to withdraw them.

And Adam turner sips the latte with Scott Sheedy, founder of WP Down Under blog about Microsoft’s strategy surface tablets.

Gadget: Apple's iPad Mini. 7" of the best

Website: Videohive is a great source of royalty free media including stock footage, DVD menus and motion graphics



Consume for iPhone and iPad

Keep track of your usage for your mobile phone, broadband, packages, toll cards, rewards cards and more with the best usage app on the app store. Consume features a stunning interface plus more than 250 providers from 18 countries, Including AT&T, Orange, O2, Fido, Rogers, Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Virgin, 3 and many more. Consume is powered by plain text configuration files known as ‘Recipes’ that tell it how to find your usage. In the event that a provider changes there usage page or API, Consume can download updated Recipes. This means provider issues can often be fixed within minutes.


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   Episode 45/2012 - TX: November 5 2012 (Ep 409)

On the show tonight, are we being to judgmental too soon on Microsoft's new OS, windows 8? Adam Turner has some thoughts on this.

Is Telstra up to it's old tricks again? Last week the telco upped the anti in its fight to stop Naked DSL being mandated as a wholesale service, turning to projected system costs and interference investigation data to dissuade the competition watchdog. Qantas has deployed an Optus wifi service in 40 frequent flyer lounges across the country, replacing a Telstra network that travellers previously found unreliable.

In the aftermath of 'Sandy' last week, data centres in that part of the US are problematic with power supply and flooding issues, as we mentioned last week Kim Dotcom, the founder of the shuttered file-sharing site Megaupload, announced a new online storage service called Mega that will give users direct control — and responsibility — over their files, and a UK Court of Appeal has rapped Apple's knuckles for failing to comply with a court order requiring the company to post on its website a simple statement saying Samsung had not copied its iPad designs.

Gadget: Tags for Droid:  3rd-party NFC keychains which make it easy to automate tasks on your mobile phone.



EmergencyAus for Android and iPhone

Australians face disasters every year. When your time comes, how will you stay informed? Emergency AUS - Delivers warning and incident information issued by official agencies across Australia.

Providing users with real-time access to official warnings, incident reports and public Sensory Observations™ to aid in better decision making during emergencies and disasters. By bringing together emergency information from over 20 official sources and accessing observations submitted by the public, Emergency AUS delivers unparalleled emergency intelligence to residents, tourists and visitors.


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   Episode 44/2012 - TX: October 29 2012 (Ep 408)

Monday October 29 2012

On the show today, we'll take a look at the new arrivals in the tech world last week, primarily from the biggest two companies in the world, Apple and Microsoft. The long time rumored and highly anticipated iPad mini has finally been revealed, and the not so long awaited, in fact probably the most under whelming software launch for the year, Windows 8 went on sale. In fact it was so under whelming that ABC radio's AM presenter Tony Eastly refereed to it as Windows 9. Oh dear Microsoft.

Also this week Tiger Airways Australia has been slapped with an $110,000 infringement notice by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for failing to unsubscribe customers from marketing emails. Taiwanese based HTC profits slump big time this quarter after on the heels of a record run in 2012, Alleged online piracy kingpin and alleged musician Kim Dotcom is back in business, and rumor has it that the next biggest shortage in the world is touch screens.

Don't forget there's also the usual odd spot, gadget, app and website of the week, as well Leena's back after GCAP last week so that's all to come.

Gadget: The Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen


Looking for previous Apps of the Week? or may be previous Websites of the Week

Gadget: The Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen



Swiftkey for Android

SwiftKey gives much more accurate corrections and predictions than other keyboards, because it’s powered by natural language technology. It understands how words work together, meaning very sloppy typing just works and the word you’ll probably want next is magically predicted. SwiftKey 3 learns the words and phrases you use, and how you interact with your keyboard as you use it, to make typing easier and even more accurate over time. You can also personalize it using your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog posts.


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   Episode 43/2012 - TX: October 22 2012 (Ep 407)

Monday October 22 2012

On the electronic media in Australia is back in the news as the nine network given a life line, the 10 network starts to head south and recalcitrant Alan Jones sent off to journalism school – what the, the shock jock isn't qualified?

Also this week Google has resisted nearly two thirds of Australian government requests to remove content from its massive online archive, The world's best-known BitTorrent site,

The Pirate Bay, has switched over to cloud-based hosting in an effort to cut costs, improve uptime and data security but most of all, make itself almost invulnerable to police raids.

Also, your iPhone 5 was probably made by underage labor, and Microsoft announced that it will release a version of its long-awaited Internet Explorer 10 web browser for Windows 7 in the middle of next month, to coincide with the general availability of the new Windows 8 operating system. And there's also Adam Turner's battery woes.

Also, your chance to tour a Google data centre

Gadget: HTC One XL More info:

Website: - a new short messaging social network.

This week's App of the Week!


GCAP - Game Connect Asia Pacific 2012

A web based app for attendees to plan their day


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   Episode 42/2012 - TX: October 15 2012 (Ep 406)

Monday October 15 2012

On the show today, AllThingsD reports that Apple appears to be planning to hold a media event soon to introduce the "iPad mini", Apple's smaller tablet device said to be carrying a display measuring 7.85 inches diagonally. As well, Apple's market share is on the increase up against PC vendors.

Australia's telecommunications ombudsman says the new telco code won't end bill shock, social messaging looks to decimate carrier revenues, and Australian television networks start talking about streaming as well, it's the beginning of the end of one of Australia's long running tech shows - Tech Talk Radio, as we announce the end of the show in it's current configuration. All is revealed on air as we head to our last show on December 3.

Gadget: LG's Massive 84-Inch 4K 3D TV has an unsurprisingly huge price tag

Website: If you're a web developer, or a WordPress blogger, and you want a simple, easy-to-figure shopping cart app with a slick UI, this is the site for you.

This week's App of the Week!

Minecraft Manual

Minecraft manual for Android

This app is a must-have utility for all minecraft gamers. 
Gives you quick access during playing to every recipe. Besides this you can see tutorials inter alia: how to build trap, how to find diamonds, how to build automatic canon and much more...


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   Episode 41/2012 - TX: October 8 2012 (Ep 405)

Monday October 8 2012

On today's show, if you needed proof that Australian's have taken to smartphone technology in droves then look no further than Telstra data and call stats from the MCG on grand final day. It blew the previous year out of the park. Also on the anniversary of Steve Jobs death, Tim Cooke publically apologises for Apples first attempt at maps. The Compact disc turns 30, there's a new twitter in the social sphere, Apple claimed 80% of the tablet market 1 year ago, but that's down to 50% now, making the iPad mini a viable contender in today's tablet wars, but will it fragment the Apple ecosystem even more? Adam Turner sheds some light on the rough waters ahead for the world's largest tech company.

Gadget: Star Trek electronic door chime

Website: Need a stopwatch?


Touch for all devices

- Message your friends through Chats that feel like you are talking in person. Enjoy chatting with unlimited text, video, and voice messaging, delivery and read receipts, typing status, and top-notch speed and reliability.
- Share your life with those closest to you through Experiences that make the distance fade away.

Touch has been built to provide an intimate, simple, yet powerful experience to let you maintain your closest relationships. Keep in touch with your friends on all major mobile platforms through Touch.


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   Episode 40/2012 - TX: October 1 2012 (Ep 404)

Monday October 1 2012

Apple MapsOn the show today. Apple maps has made the news for the wrong reasons. Tim says "Sorry".

Australia's new data retention laws come under the microscope. Facebook - a help and a hindrance in law enforcement.
Water On Mars

There's water on Mars! and the pictures prove it.

Woolworths considers Dick Smith as no longer Fresh.

Is there life after death for Netspace? Justin Timberlake thinks so and finds 35 Million reasons to make change.

Adam checks out the new Motorola Razor, and Leena looks back at Freeplay and Valve hardware looks probable sometime next year. And Sony aims to be profitable this year.


Gadget: Nikon D600 Full Frame Camera

Website: the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation. Use the search box above to locate your item of interest, or click one of the icons below to browse the site by category.

On Tour

Bad Piggies for all devices

Create the ultimate flying/crawling/rolling/spinning/crashing device and pilot the pigs safely to the eggs!

The Bad Piggies are after the eggs again -- but as usual, nothing is going according to plan! Can you create the ultimate flying machine and steer them safely to their destination? Those tricky pigs have a few objects they can use, but they need your help to turn these into the perfect transportation! 


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   Episode 39/2012 - TX:September 24 2012 (Ep 403)

iPhoneOn the show today. Apple's new iPhone has finally hit the stores globally, and as you'd expect, demand and sales have gone ballistic. And now that it's on the streets, we can take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly with the new smartphone. Adam view from the couch this week is all about Apples' new passbook feature along with a few things that didn't make the cut. Then there's ios6. Some devices took advantage of many of the new features while some missed out altogether. We'll tell you what got what.

The world didn't just stop for Apple this week. There's new on the patent front, Australia's communication regulator has illegal mobile phone repeaters firmly in its sights, and Google Maps announces a 400 year advantage over Apple Maps. Them's fighting words.

Last week we told you where to sit in a train for best mobile phone coverage on the peak hour commute, this week we'll tell you where the best place is to sit in the plane, should you be about to crash!

Gadget: The Kindle Touch

Website: What's your klout? "" is a measure of your social friendliness.

This week's App of the Week!

On Tour

On Tour for iPhone

OnTour makes it easier than ever to find when artists from your iPhone's music library are OnTour in your state.
- Receive notifications when your artists announce new tour dates.
- Effortlessly Tweet, Facebook or email the tour details to your friends. 

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   Episode 38/2012 - TX:September 17 2012 (Ep 402)

iPhone 5On the show today,

Apple's new iPhone finally sees the light of day, with the new iOS6 running the show, is it worth the upgrade from the iPhone 4? Or, if you're looking to upgrade any phone, is it worth the money, and more importantly, how well will it talk to Australian telephone Networks?

Dr Ron and Leena have eloped for the evening, so Mark Diggins, wireless communications guru, and Adam Turner, one of Australia's best and independent tech journalists has kindly joined the panel tonight and will no doubt have plenty to say about the new Apple gadgets.

Also today, it's rumored that the US will launch a six strike copyright system later this year.

Microsoft are updating their online portals for the imminent arrival of Windows 8 and last week the new Windows Phone Store replaced the Marketplace,

Coders test the mettle in the new Windows 8, and

Nintendo announce the launch date of the Wii U games console for later this year and Acer pulls it's smartphone launch over threats from Google.


Gadget: Apple iPhone 5

Website: For all rumors Mac related:

This week's App of the Week!


YouTube for iPhone

Watch the world's videos and keep up with your favorite YouTube channels with the official YouTube app for iOS. Sign in to access your subscriptions, playlists, uploads and more.

With this week's announcement of Apple's iPhone 5 and iOS 6, it's fitting that Google should follow suit with something new too. It released YouTube in app form for the iPhone and iPod touch. (If you hadn't heard, Apple will stop pre-loading Google Maps and YouTube in iOS 6.)

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   Episode 37/2012 - TX:September 10 2012 (Ep 401)

Inside AppleOn the show today,

Adam Turner literally gets on a plane and travels to the other side of the world for the Nokia launch with the new Windows 8 operating system. Vodafone joins Telstra in location based Emergency SMS alerts, which will no doubt come in handy as Australia heads into summer.

Apple's GDP put's them at number 20 on the country list if they were in fact a country, and half their revenue comes from the sale of iPhones.

We take a look at the data retention shenanigans, Australia has been pipped by New Zealand in a new index by Sir Tim Berners-Lee's World Wide Web Foundation that aims to scope the "impact" of the Internet.

Optus has pinned its free-to-air TV recording hopes on the Australian Law Reform Commission after the High Court rejected its appeal against a Federal Court decision that found its TV Now service in breach of copyright.

Smart Dot Pro Bookmark Type Laser Pointer

Website: Make Your Website Mobile

This week's App of the Week!

Network Signal Info

Google Authenticator for iPhone and Android

Google Authenticator works with 2-step verification for your Google Account to provide an additional layer of security when signing in.

Use Google Authenticator to generate verification codes directly on your phone, without the need for a network connection. For Android version 2.1 or later, BlackBerry OS 4.5 - 6.0 iPhone iOS 3.1.3 or later

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   Episode 36/2012 - TX:September 3 2012 (Ep 400)

CyberbullyOn today's show...

Unfortunately cyber bullying is front and centre again due to a high profile television personality being hospitalized after threats on Twitter.

In a world which is more connected than at any other time in history, it's never been harder to escape the taunts of others unless you disconnect. Something which is becoming more and more difficult.

Also today Apple targets Samsung's pride and joy as the fallout from the patent stouch rolls on, and in the same week, Samsung's new Series 9 laptops have screen resolution to match Apple's retina.

The two mobile operating systems Android and
iOS together make tech history, Optus make over their mobile offerings in the face of regulatory change, and Adam Turner looks at the technology that never happened – Video calls.

Or will it?


Also this week Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram.

A bioengineer and geneticist at Harvard's Wyss Institute have successfully stored 5.5 petabits of data — around 700 terabytes — in a single gram of DNA, smashing the previous DNA data density record by a thousand times. ...more

Gadget: The Batman Night Light





This week's App of the Week!

Network Signal Info

Network Signal Info for Android

Detailed network information. "Network Signal Info" provides detailed information over the currently used network, whether WiFi or cellular connection.

NEW: Added 2 widgets (one for mobile- and one for WiFi-signalstrength) 
(If you can't find widgets, please copy the app to phone memory)

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   Episode 35/2012 - TX: August 27 2012 (Ep 399)

On the show today, 8K TV

In a verdict that would have warmed the heart of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, a US federal jury last  Friday handed Apple a resounding legal victory in its bitter patent war with Samsung, ordering the South Korean tech giant to pay more than $1 billion in damages for "willfully" copying the iPhone and iPad.

Neil A ArmstrongWill this be the end of it, and what about the appeals and ongoing development for Samsung?





Also on the show today, we remember Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on another world who died this week aged 82.

8K TV is here! The Astor theatre given a new lease on life. Plants Vs Zombies II in 2013, and

Microsoft change their logo after 25 years, Coles up the technology offering in store to consumers, and The US Department of Justice has seized the domain names of three websites accused of distributing pirated Android apps.

Out of necessity this week, Adam Turner looks at mobility and technology. With the ever increasing need to stay connected away from the home and office, what are the options in todays vast range of gadgets for people on the go.

Gadget: The Sony SmartWatch


This week's App of the Week!

Microsoft Cliplets: Juxtaposing Still and Dynamic Imagery

Microsoft Research Cliplets is an interactive app that gives users the power to create "Cliplets" -- a type of imagery that sits between stills and video, including imagery such as video textures and "cinemagraphs". The app provides a simple, yet expressive way to mix static and dynamic elements from a video clip.

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   Episode 34/2012 - TX: August 20 2012 (Ep 398)

Windows 8On the show today, Tech stocks are on the move, some on the rise, and some in free fall. Is this indicative of the respective company's future prospects? Well tell you who's going which way and why.

As well, technology and cultural differences are at the cross roads in some countries and top level domains seem to be quite controversial in the Middle East.

The Olympics are done and dusted, and the host broadcaster, the BBC, have broken all records when it comes to Olympic data. Next month, September, is the big month for new tech gadgets and software. There'll be announcements, launches and updates coming thick and fast from all corners of the universe, so we'll keep you updated on who's doing what and when on the show tonight.

Adam Turner turns his attention to Microsoft's new Operating System – Windows 8 and compares it to the current OS Windows 7, and Leena will be back off the bench today to keep us up to date in the world of gaming. So stick around!

Gadget: The Sony BDP-S790 BluRay Disc Player

Website: This site contains postings and satellite images from The Ultimate Anomaly Collection of over 5,000 Google Earth placemarks.

This week's App of the Week!

DSLR Controller

DSLR Controller for Android

Control your Canon EOS with your Android device!
DSLR Controller is the first and only app that allows you to fully control your Canon EOS DSLR from your Android device, with nothing more than a USB cable. No computer or laptop required, no root required, no Wi-Fi required. All you need is a compatible mobile device, a compatible camera, and the right USB cable.

Though still in the BETA stage of development, DSLR Controlleralready gives you remote liveview, remote control of most common settings, remote capture, focus and zoom control, and much more.

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   Episode 33/2012 - TX: August 13 2012 (Ep 397)

WifTVOn the show today, Hackers are doing what they do best and Last week it was ASIO's turn, along with one of the world's biggest game developers, Blizzard.

Using data to send voice on a telephony service isn't new, and in the United States and Korea, we're starting to see voice over LTE usage rise, (that's the new 4G technology now being rolled out by local carriers) but according to local telco's, it's still a couple of years off here in Australia.

Also this week, Google cops a whopper of a fine for mixing cookies with Safari, and the ACCC cracks down on Wi-Fi ready TVS.

Also Apple tightens it's policies after the Mat Honan's hack last week, which is Adam's View from the couch this week. Should we all panic or is this just a storm in a tea cup.

Last week, a hacker got into Mat Honan's (pictured right) Apple account, remotely erased the data on his iPhone, iPad eand MacBook, deleted his Google account, commandeered his Twitter account, and then posted a string of nasty stuff under Honan's name. You can read more about it and drawyour own conlusions.

Gadget: The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover


This week's App of the Week!


Tunnelbear for Windows and Mac

An incredibly simple app to experience the internet as if you were living in another country.

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   Episode 32/2012 - TX: August 6 2012 (Ep 396)

On the show today,The 2012 Olympic Games are wrapping up in the UK, but here in Australia the fall-out from the abysmal channel nine coverage is just warming up. Most are asking "with today's technology, why do we have to put up with such terrible coverage on free to air?" Nine isn't the only one, NBC in the United States is also copping some flack.

Nine Olympic Poll

Add social networking into the mix and the 10's of thousands of complaints on Channel Nine's Facebook wall, and you'd think they'd get the message and change their ways… One comment on Channel Nine's Facebook page, asking for the network to show sports other than ''swimming, repeats of swimming, interviews of swimming, analysis of swimming, previews of swimming'', posted by Matthew Taylor and signed ''the rest of Australia'', has attracted more than 105,000 ''likes''.

Adam Turner will compare the offerings on Free to air and pay TV in Australia.

Also on today's show, Microsoft tweaks Metro after trademark dispute. Are we starting to see a new tablet and phone market starting to appear with oversized phones and shrunken tablets merging? Windows 8 is off to the replicators, Facebook goes global with its version of an app store, Google revamps its Google Wallet with virtual card, and another of Australia's big banks release a new banking app.

There's the latest in Gaming, and the usual odd spot, gadget, app and website of the week. That's all to come on today's edition of Tech Talk Radio.

Gadget: The "autonomous emergency braking" system.

Website: for US based Crowdfunding and for the same in Australia.

This week's App of the Week!


iPhone & Android: Waze - Outsmarting Traffic

Meet Waze - a fun, community-based GPS traffic and navigation app. Join forces with drivers in your area, easily report what's happening on the road and get turn-by-turn navigation that automatically re-routes you when road conditions change.

That way everybody's commute gets faster and safer. Smart, right?

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   Episode 31/2012 - TX: July 30 2012 (Ep 395)

2012 Olympic GamesOn the show today,

The Olympic games are off and running, and within 24 hours of opening ceremony Telstra lift the prices on fixed line telephone services across Australia at the same time energy demand spikes globally especially in the UK.

British electricity demand soared following London's Olympics opening ceremony on Friday, the country's energy network operator said, as millions return to their daily routine by switching on the kettle or the washing machine. 

It was the week that saw Apple's newest Operating System Mountain Lion, or 10.8 let out of it's cage and free to roam the app store, as well, AAPT confirms being hacked because it was running an old version of Cold Fusion on it's web servers with known vulnerabilities. Twitter's whale floated to the surface again this last week as both the Micro blogging site and Google both went down for some time.

Apple demands $2.5b in damages from Samsung, and Vodafone prepares to put 3 into the ground permanently. So it looks like 3 is no longer the magic number and most of Australia's cricketers will be out of a job.

Gadget: OP1 Portable Wonder Synthesizer

This week's App of the Week!

ABC Radio

iPhone & Android: ABC Radio

The new ABC Radio App gives you access to over 19 radio stations from the ABC, including all the action live from the London 2012 Olympic Games on the special events station ABC London 2012. Optimised to deliver fast and easy access to your favourite ABC radio stations, the ABC Radio App also offers track or program information; weekly online schedules; automatic bookmarking of stations; and sharing on Facebook, Twitter or via email. 

The ABC Radio App lets you listen to ABC Radio anywhere, anytime.

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   Episode 30/2012 - TX: July 23 2012 (Ep 394)

ACMA 05Microsoft announces the release date of its new Operating system Windows 8, at the same time announcing its first loss ever. Marissa Mayer takes up her new role as CEO of Yahoo.

It's official, we're just about to run out of Mobile phone numbers in Australia so ACMA has announced a new range of mobile telephone numbers to begin rolling out in the not too distant future.

Qantas rolls out iPads for in-flight entertainment, and there's a new no frills ISP to resell the NBN but it's only for those who are tech savvy, and

Adam takes a look at the future of device connectivity and accessory obsolescence with the pending release of Apples new phone rumored for the fourth quarter of this year.

Gadget: The Samsung Galaxy Note

This week's App of the Week!


iPhone iPad & Android: LiveATC (Paid App)

LiveATC Air Radio provides a quick and easy way to listen in on live conversations between pilots and air traffic controllers near many airports around the world. LiveATC Air Radio lets you easily browse by U.S. state, Canadian province, or by country to find an airport of interest. Once you find an interesting channel you just add it to your Favorites list for quick and easy access! You can also use the Nearby function to find airports right near you.

The LiveATC network ( is the world's largest network of streaming audio feeds focused solely on aviation-related communications, currently covering over 450 airports around the world with over 550 different audio feeds and growing daily!

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   Episode 29/2012 - TX: July 16 2012 (Ep 393)

Appleasy payIn these changing media times where newspapers are morphing into online portals, and TV stations are struggling to keep viewers, Telstra realises it's ambitions to become a content provider as well as a telco.

The US based video on demand service Netflix is now finding less of a demand for movies and more of a demand for show content.

Australian Telcos have been given six weeks to improve customer service standards on complaints handling, advertising and credit management, as the media watchdog prepares to register a revised code governing the industry. So will it finally mean the end of bill shock? And what about unit pricing like in the supermarkets?

In a first, Apple Australia allows in store payments to be billed directly to your iTunes account, and

Adam takes a look at Geoblocking, a technique used to prevent internet users outside a specific country access to services within that country and wonders if the rewards are worth the hassle.

 Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition

Website: Watch free classic movies online:

This week's App of the Week!

SBS Tour de France Skoda Tour Tracker 2012

iPhone iPad: SBS Tour de France Skoda Tour Tracker 2012

Follow the 2012 Tour de France with the Skoda Tour Tracker, the official Tour de France application that gives you in depth access and analysis of every aspect of the world's biggest and most exciting cycling race. From live video to GPS tracking, you can be part of the race action no matter where you are. 

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   Episode 28/2012 - TX: July 9 2012 (Ep 392)

Aplle iOS6On the show today, Google takes the axe to some near and dear applications as the consolidation process continues at Mountain View.

The Commonwealth bank rolls out an updated Kaching – it's banking app for those on the move, on both the Apple and Android Platforms, but there is a potential hitch for Android users.

Apple has been furiously working behind the scenes the last couple of days, responding to the problem some app updates were having, which was later shown to be an issue with companies FairPlay DRM and specific app updates.

As well, the first ever spam app finds its way through the app store.

We've got more on the Apple / Samsung stouche,

Adam becomes a Minecraft addict, Microsoft's Server 2012 offerings become public and Telstra is front and center again over price hikes to premium products.



This week's App of the Week!


Nearly Every OS: Flux (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone & iPad)

Ever notice how people texting at night have that eerie blue glow?
Or wake up ready to write down the Next Great Idea, and get blinded by your computer screen?

During the day, computer screens look good—they're designed to look like the sun. But, at 9PM, 10PM, or 3AM, you probably shouldn't be looking at the sun.

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   Episode 27/2012 - TX: July 2 2012 (Ep 391)

MinitelAn early and version of the World Wide Web rolled out in France in 1982 is to close after 30 years of service. It was considered one of the world's most successful pre-World Wide Web online services.

The Minitel was a Videotex online service accessible through the telephone lines, and is considered one of the world's most successful pre-World Wide Web online services. Rolled out experimentally in 1978 in Brittany and throughout Francein 1982 by the PTT (Poste, Téléphone et Télécommunications; divided since 1991 between France Télécom and La Poste). From its early days, users could make online purchases, make train reservations, check stock prices, search thetelephone directory, have a mail box, and chat in a similar way to that now made possible by the Internet.

In February 2009, France Telecom indicated the Minitel network still had 10 million monthly connections, among which 1 million are on the 3611 (directory). France Telecom retired the service on the 30th of June 2012.



Apple manages to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in the United states, so where to now for Samsung?  

Adam takes a look at the furture of Free to Air TV in Australia drawing parallels to what's just happened in print.

Also, have you ever caught the kids with their hand in the biscuit jar and their face has that look of "sprung bad" written all over it? Well that's just what happened to Telstra last week when Australia's largest telco admitted to tracking websites that their mobile customers had been visiting, and then passing on those details to an off shore company without the consent of it's customers.

We'll take a look at this on todays show, along with the newly announced Windows 8 upgrade path.



This week's App of the Week!


Android: Parcels

The Parcels Android App by Timo Behrmann is an app that monitors all different kinds of packages that are being shipped to you. This app requires a tracking number that comes from the shipper in order for the packages to be tracked. The app includes a vast array of shipping companies from all around the world so it should not be an issue trying to find the shipper you have chosen to track your package. The parcels app is unique because instead of having to log onto the shipper's website and enter in your tracking number multiple times all of the information needed is right at your fingertips and is always stored on your mobile device

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   Episode 26/2012 - TX: June 25 2012 (Ep 390)

Microsoft SurfaceMicrosoft launch new hardware called Microsoft Surface ahead of the launch of the company's new flagship operating system, Windows 8.

One has to wonder if it's a little too late, or will it be the next gadget that will see the Microsoft phoenix rise from the ashes.

Also, it was the week that those corporate identities that like to mislead consumers felt the wrath of the Australian legal system.

And would it surprise you that Tech firms are the best places to work? Well, unless you happen to work for a large media organization.

And not surprisingly the world's most valuable computer company just keeps on growing.

As well, Adam Turner gets the lowdown from Sony on Google TV - a video service that's finally found its way to Australian TVs – well Bravia TVs at least.

We look at the life of Alan Turing who would have turned 100 this June, we follow up on online backups as well we dip into the world of digital photography and DSLRs.

This week's App of the Week!


Apple: OzRunways EFB

Download aeronautical publications onto your iPhone & iPad.
Properly licensed documents ensure you will stay up-to-date with the latest amendments of:
- MAPS (Every updated VTC, VNC, WAC, ERC High/Low & PCA)
- ERSA (Enroute Supplement Australia - includes Runway Distance Supplement)
- DAP (Departure & Approach procedures - East & West)
- AIP (The 'Rule book' !)

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   Episode 25/2012 - TX: June 18 2012 (Ep 389)

iOS6On the show today, Apple's World Wide Developer conference talked up iOS6 so we'll take you through the changes in Apple's next mobile OS scheduled for release in our Spring. iOS6 brings a slew of new features such as improved Maps and Siri functionality, changes to iCloud and Safari and new Facebook and Twitter integration. It is compatible with the iPhone 3Gs, 4 and 4S, iPod 4G as well as iPad2/3.

Also, IBM have just released a comprehensive report into Australia's digital future which is not only an eye opener in how Australians will use technology as we head towards 2050, but a reality check for 16 industry sectors facing extinction in the next few years.

Skype are going to throw ads at us now, an Apple 1 computer went up for auctionlast week, and there's still rough times ahead for Nokia.

Leena is in to talk Gaming, Adam looks at Samsung, HTC and Apple smart phones, and don't forget there's the usual odd spot, gadget, app and website of the week.

Skype evan adds ads, and we look at ATMs which don't need PINs.

This week's App of the Week!


Android: Droidstats

This apps gives you the ability to control your call minutes, number of sms messages and data traffic. You can set limits for each, track your costs and get much more informations and statistics about your calls, sms and traffic. You can also check these informations in different nice widgets.

Australia's Digital Future 2050 Australia's Digital Future 2050


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   Episode 24/2012 - TX: June 11 2012 (Ep 388)

Password TheftOn the show today, there's all the more reason to make sure you use different passwords on different sites as it seems that last week was the week of password hacking, with Linkedin and both the targets of password thieves.

Also, it was the week Australian telcos change their plans – well Telstra and Vodafone at least,

Facebook enters the app market in its continuing effort to be all things to everyone socially, and

Hulu, the US bases 'on demand' content provider hit's 2 million subscribers.

If only Australians could access such a service – it could very well put a different slant on rights issues in this country

Leena will update us about E3, Adam looks at outsourcing, and don't forget there's the usual odd spot, gadget, app and website of the week.



This week's App of the Week!


PC: Faststone

FastStone Capture is a powerful, lightweight, yet full-featured screen capture tool that allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular/freehand regions and even scrolling windows/web pages. 

You can choose to send captures to editor, file, clipboard, printer, email, Word/PowerPoint document or upload them to your website.


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   Episode 23/2012 - TX: June 4 2012 (Ep 387)

SKAOn the show today, rumors are plentiful this week with a reported in the Australian Newspaper that the debt laden Nine Entertainment has emerged as a wildcard potential acquisition target for Telstra, reviving memories of the telco's failed bid for Kerry Packer's Publishing & Broadcasting group 12 years ago.

As well this week, Microsoft allowed us all to download a prerelease version of its new flagship operating system, Windows 8 ahead of schedule. According to the AFACT, Australians will continue to illegally download copyrighted material despite the availability of local, legal access to that material while Adam speaks to a company that has bettered its product due to people using it illegally. And have you ever wondered what sort of bandwidth the internet consume by 2016? That's only 4 years away.

Also Leena looks at the up coming E3. Will Sony have the game changer they say they have.

This week's App of the Week!


Android: DroidVPN - NOTE: This app only works on rooted devices.

Unblock regional internet restrictions and browse the web anonymously. DroidVPN is an easy to use VPN software for android devices. DroidVPN helps users to unblock regional internet restrictions, web filtering, bypass firewalls, and browse the web anonymously by tunneling all your internet traffic from your android device to our servers.

What separates DroidVPN from other VPN Applications is it can tunnel your traffic through ICMP(IP over ICMP). This means you can browse the internet even if you are only allowed to send ping requests and internet browsing is blocked on your firewall.


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   Episode 22/2012 - TX: May 28 2012 (Ep 386)

On the show today, Organisers of the Square Kilometer Array project have decided that both Australia and South Africa will jointly host the
$2 billion radio telescope with New Zealand also playing a role.


The Facebook float begins to list… Apple's new iPad, otherwise known as the iPad 3 does some amazing things in the market place only after 2 months on the shelves, Chrome and Microsoft's Internet explorer go head to head, and Telstra reissues 230,000 passwords and it looks like there are some privacy reforms on the way. Also today, Adam takes a look at Raspberry Pi - a small computer brain for about $25.

This week's App of the Week!


Facebook: CeeQ

A facial recognition app built on Australian-designed technology proposes to warn users when their photos appear on social networks, allowing them to track down unauthorised or unwanted photos from the sites.

The CeeQ Facebook app was designed to help users find photos they appear in on Facebook.

And this week, the Odd Spot: When Photoshop goes wrong: 'floating' inspectors cause internet stir:

And the award for the worst Photoshop ever? For the second year in a row, the unofficial award goes to China after news that it was once again guilty of badly Photoshopping an official photo. A badly doctored propaganda photo has made hapless officials in China‘s Huili county the laughing stock of a nation of 1.3 billion people. The photo on the rural county's website appeared to show county officials levitating above the road project they were inspecting.

The story went viral after Time magazine published a photo and story showing Chinese officials seeming to walk on air.

worst-photoshop-ever worst-photoshop-ever

You can read more here

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   Episode 21/2012 - TX: May 21 2012 (Ep 385)

On the show this week, Facebook is now a public company.

Facebook IPO

It took eight years to stage one of the most anticipated initial public offerings ever. The anticlimax came last Friday, as Wall Street bankers struggled to prevent the newly minted stock from ending its first day with a loss. The stock had been widely predicted to soar on its first day. Instead, up until the closing moments of the trading session, Facebook's underwriters battled to keep the stock from slipping below its offering price of $38 a share. Such a stumble would have been a significant embarrassment.

Also tonight it looks like its HPs turn to shed staff, the DNS Changer date nears, apparently there are complaints about Siri, and the US and Australia team up on Cyber Security, Chrome on iOS and new Google search. But is there room for a new social network? Well Microsoft think so an it's called

This week's App of the Week!


Android: Skyfire Browser

Skyfire Browser makes your mobile web experience richer, smarter and more fun!Skyfire is the world's smartest & most social mobile browser! TechCrunch - Best Android Apps of All Time (Ranked #2) 
Appolicious/Yahoo - Best Android Apps of All Time (Ranked #2)

Welcome to the First Mobile Browser for the Social Networking Generation.

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   Episode 20/2012 - TX: May 14 2012 (Ep 384)


On the show today, it seems we're heading down the path of copyright and piracy. Just this week Optus chose to appeal the TV Now ruling to High Court which resulted in a blast from AFL chief Andrew Demetriou  describing the situation as "Stupid", "disgusting" and "disappointing".

Adam has news on a new initiative from the US to combat piracy, Google has their new driverless car, and rumor has it there's a new color Kindle on the way.

As well there's new OLED tvs from Samsung set to hit the market later this year,

we have the latest on Apple's and Sony's financial status and on a lighter note,

Wolfenstein 3D' is to be free on the iPhone, iPad and on the Web and Rovio confirms life after Angry Birds.

This week's App of the Week!


iPhone: FlexiSchools

FlexiSchools is Australia's leading provider of online ordering, card systems and payment solutions for schools. Flexischools provides systems to help schools become cashless, including online ordering from on-campus services, such as canteens, tuckshops and uniform

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   Episode 19/2012 - TX: May 7 2012 (Ep 383)

GdriveOn the show today, it's time to revisit an old favorite of ours – backups. With all the new cloud based offerings now online, it seemed timely to take a look a what's what and point you all in the right direction of what's right for you.

There's also plenty of telco and smartphone news this week with news from the optus and Vodafone camp, and RIM – yes, the empire didn't strike back.

As well this week, with roll out of the NBN now well under way, you would think some ISPs would sit on the fence when it came to rolling out DSLAMs - the technology that goes in your telephone exchange to connect subscribers to ADSL. Well an Aussie ISP is doing just that. We'll tell you who.

There's the usual odd spot, gadget, app and website of the week as well.

This week's App of the Week!


iPhone and Android: Instagram

It's a fastbeautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family.

Snap a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram. Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr too – it's as easy as pie. It's photo sharing, reinvented.

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   Episode 18/2012 - TX: April 30 2012 (Ep 382)

Optus No to TV Now

On the show today, it looks like Optus, the AFL and NRL have had their final day in court - or have they? Talk about putting Australian copyright laws into absolute chaos!

Senator Stephen Conroy signs off on inquiry into why Aussies pay more for apps, music and movies than other countries.

It's TPGs turn to eye the wrath of the regulator in relation to advertising ‘500 free VoIP minutes' as part of a broadband bundle plan.

As well, the cloud storage wars ignite with Google unveiling its drop box and Microsoft upping it's free quota,

and maybe next time you fly with Qantas, you may pick up a iPad at the same time you pick up your headphones, as the company has flagged tablet devices like the iPad as an alternative to costly in-flight entertainment systems.

There's gaming news with Leena Van Deventer as well as the usual odd spot, gadget, app and website of the week as well.



This week's App of the Week!


iPhone: Top Secret Audio Recorder

Record conversations, meetings, lectures, and more even when you're not in the room! Schedule recordings with the advanced sound detection feature to avoid recording long periods of silence. Secure your top secret recordings with a passcode!

You can also record after putting your phone into sleep mode. Even if someone touches your iPhone while it's recording to “awaken” the screen, they'll immediately be prompted to input your security code. When you want an audio recorder that would make James Bond envious, look no further than Top Secret Audio.

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   Episode 17/2012 - TX: April 23 2012 (Ep 381)

On the show today, it looks like the flashback security scare has shattered the myth of the in penetrable Mac, as Adam Turner will tell us about shortly. Apple, up until now has lived a relatively virus free life, but as their gadgets are now more widely in use, how will the worlds most valued company look after their customer base with an ever increasing threat of computer nasties?

Also today, the iiNet and AFACT row has reached its penultimate conclusion with a ruling in the High Court of Australia last week. There are no further avenues of appeal, so what now for ISPs and Content owners?

As well, there's more news on the pending release of Microsoft's Windows 8, scheduled for later this year, and would you use a website that allowed you to spruik odd jobs around your house, and have volunteers come your door to complete them for a small fee? Well, such a site has now been launched in Melbourne and Sydney, and we'll hear more about that later in the show when Tim Fung, CEO and founder of joins the panel live in the studio. Airtasker is a community marketplace where people can outsource everyday tasks and errands to friendly and reliable people.


Android: Cerberus anti theft

Cerberus helps you get back your lost or stolen Android device.

Cerberus is a complete anti-theft application, the best protection you can get to recover your misplaced, lost or stolen Android device. This is a free trial for one week, then you can buy a lifetime license for a small price (2.99€) from within the application: no monthly or yearly fees, just a one-time payment. License is associated to your Cerberus account, if you have multiple devices you can use all of them (up to 5) with the same account.

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   Episode 16/2012 - TX: April 162012 (Ep 380)

Apple Trojan
Today on the show, just as the dust settles on the latest iPad, it's time to wind up the rumor mills again, this time with the pending arrive of the next Apple iPhone scheduled for around October this year.

And while on the subject of fruit, Apple has released a second Flashback removal tool to help ripen those infected apples – of which there are some 10,000 in Australia.

Also, as we touched on last week, there are troubled times ahead for Sony as they plan to shed some 10,000 jobs and cut TV production by 40%,

Also the next generation of TV screens, the new OLED screens are about to hit the market. Also today, Adam Turner takes a look at copyright and backing up your DVDs at home.   



This week's app of the week: SharePod

Windows: SharePod is easy to use and works! Heres some of the main features:

  • Add & remove music and videos from your iPod
  • Add, remove and edit playlists
  • Add & remove album art
  • View and backup photos
  • Copy music, videos and playlists from your iPod to PC
  • Import music/videos into your iTunes library, including playlists and ratings
  • Tag editing
  • Drag n' drop to and from Explorer
  • Simple, clean interface
  • Quick to load and use with no unnessary complicated features
  • Support for iPhone and iTouch (Thanks to Nikias Bassen, Paul Sladen, Jonathan Beck, and Christophe Fergeau for making this possible)
And whats more, SharePod is completely free! SharePod was designed from the start to be lightweight, quick and responsive, it has all (well hopefully most...!) of the features you need and none of the features you dont. 

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   Episode 15/2012 - TX: April 9 2012 (Ep 379)

CSIRO wifiToday on the show, Remember the Sony hack not so long ago? Well a  LulzSec hacker has pleaded guilty to the Sony breach.

Twitter continues to grow at a record pace. 

The Facebook IPO nears as Nasdaq gears up.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer has several gaping holes that need patching,

Over 600,000 Macs infected with the “Flashback Trojan” and

Parking inspectors are starting to CCTV to book people who overstay the park.

Also tonight, Adam gives Telstra's new LTE network, or 4G network a work out with a fist full of gadgets and a few hours to kill, and the results… well stay tuned…

Vodafone Guardian

Android: Vodafone Guardian for Android

Vodafone Guardian is an app for Android™ devices which is free to purchase that lets you and your child select the best smartphone settings to support safe and responsible mobile use at any age. Families now have the flexibility to decide what services children have access to at any time of the day, including the internet browser, camera, Wi-fi, apps and games and decide who can call and text your child. Vodafone Guardian can be used on any mobile network in Australia.

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   Episode 14/2012 - TX: April 2 2012 (Ep 378)

CSIRO wifiToday on the show, The ACCC took Apple to court over misleading '4G' iPad claims last week but the dust hasn't settled just yet.

The CSIRO wifi settlement secures more than $220 million for organisation, which invented the technology in the 1990s. Wi-fi technology is used in more than 3 billion electronic devices worldwide, including personal computers, video games and mobile phones.

Google to open an online tablet store, DNSChanger trojan nets 10,000 Aussies and it comes with an ACMA warning which may result in some not being able to access the internet.

As well, something that will come with as no surprise for some, Blackberry admits defeat in consumer market. Looks like Apple and Google got the better of them, so will windows go the same way?

Also tonight Adam Turner will join us live in the studio to talk about the next 3 years of the NBN, Leena has the lasts on Games, Dr Ron has threatened to call in from Darwin, and there's the usual odd spot, gadget, app and website of the week.

What a show…


iPhone: Action Movie

ACTION MOVIE FX lets you add Hollywood FX to iPhone movies YOU shoot! 
YOU direct the ACTION! And FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME – 3 Movie FX packs!!

Here's how it works:
Select a Scene like "MISSILE ATTACK," film a target and ACTION MOVIE FX adds an INCOMING MISSILE AND ITS EXPLOSION right into your movie!

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   Episode 13/2012 - TX: March 26 2012 (Ep 377)

Angry Birds ParkToday on the show, Windows 8 is to hit the shelves by October. The Windows 8 release date has leaked: General Availability will be in October, while Release To Manufacturing is 'Summer'. Microsoft is expected to confirm the schedule next month. 

Optus look like shedding staff in the short term to help lift the company's bottom line.  Apple's iPad is hot for the wrong reasons, Vandals hit Telstra fiber and Angry Birds theme parks become a reality.

Also this week, we're starting to see traditional content providers starting to hurt as online content delivery starting to take hold.

This is evident with the Foxtel admitting it is in a vicious circle of decline and its imminent merger with Austar. Also, would it surprise you that half of small businesses is still without a website? Adam has a view from the couch and Leena has the latest from the gaming world.

Mark Diggins is a regular guest on Tech Talk Radio and on the program that aired on March 26 2012, Mark gave us an insight into the confusion that is mobile phone frequency allocations here and abroard. His Cellular Bands show notes can be found on our site..


iPhone: Klik

KLIK is a camera app that uses face recognition to let you quickly tag your friends in real-time. * Note: KLIK requires a Facebook account, and iOS 4.3 or above.

Fire up KLIK and watch as your friends' names instantly appear next to their faces before or after you snap a photo. If KLIK doesn't recognize a face - snap a photo, tap "Tag Me" over unrecognized faces to pick a name, and then save the photo (no need to share). The more photos you save, the better KLIK gets. When you're not taking photos, check out the feeds for nearby, friend and your photos.

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   Episode 12/2012 - TX: March 19 2012 (Ep 376)

Today on the show, there are rumors circulating that the owners of embattled telco Vodafone Australia are looking for buyers, which is not all that surprising considering their problems over the past few years.

iiNet, Australia's 2nd largest ISP, has removed it's Off Peak quota for some customers creating an Any Time quota which is the accumulation of Off Peak and Peak.

Apples new OS Mountain Lion or 10.8 preview 2 for those counting has hit the developer website. Hackers release Norton Antivirus source code and IE10 looks like Metro.

Also today, Leena has the latest from the gaming world and Adam looks at the new Freeview PVR with CRID Data. Will it change the way we record TV?




Android and iPhone: Viber

Viber lets everyone in the world connect. Freely. More than 40 million Viber users call, text, send photos and locations with each other worldwide - for free.

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   Episode 11/2012 - TX: March 12 2012 (Ep 375)

iPadThis week on the show, the world manages to survive 2 massive events this week, firstly the biggest solar flare for the past decade, and secondly the launch of the next generation iPad. Now it's just an iPad. Not an iPad 3 just an iPad, which will no doubt be remembered in history as the iPad 3, or the iPad 2 as you'll hear later in the show.

Also today, for all you lucky Optus customers, the telco is looking to serve ads to your mobile phone based on your location. Now there's one you didn't sign up for, and while we're talking Optus, they had a bit of a win over the penalty imposed on them last year for misleading advertising.

After 8 years, 3 customers will finally roam onto Vodafone's network and one has to ask why it took so long? There's the usual odd spot, gadget, app and website of the week, computer news with Leena, and Adam's on the couch.

So who needs cheap movie tickets when you can sit back, log in to the chat, and relax for the next two hours with Tech Talk Radio.


Windows: Telstra Online Text Buddy

Telstra Online Text Buddy is a quick and easy way to send text messages - from the comfort of your desktop computer. This is especially handy when you're at work, you've left your phone at home or have a flat battery. Or maybe you can just type faster on a full size keyboard?

Whatever the need, Telstra Online Text Buddy is a simple and convenient way to send text messages from your desktop computer.


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   Episode 10/2012 - TX: March 5 2012 (Ep 374)

This week on the show, Gerry Harvey is back in the news this week lamenting over his slowing online sales, It's the week that see's the rumored iPad 3 announcement in San Francisco on Wednesday, Optus failed to silence Andrew Demetriou calling them thieves, Windows 8 takes another step closer with the release of a consumer preview. Yes you can download it and give it a try if you like Google's new privacy policy kicks in, Adam takes a close look at the new Telstra NBN offerings and the results probably won't surprise you, and Leena has the latest in Gaming news from around the globe.

Timelapse Creator

Android: Timelapse Creator

Take photos at certain intervals and create a time lapse video

Time Lapse Creator takes photos with the phone's camera at certain intervals and stores them as separate images to the device. The photos can be viewed as a time lapse video with the build in player. Time lapse videos are especially suited when shooting e.g. cloudscapes, plants and flowers and construction projects.

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   Episode 09/2012 - TX: February 27 2012 (Ep 373)

Today on the show, the Cupertino giant Apple is in the news with the acquisition of a search engine for it's App Store.  As well the iPad escapes a ban in Singapore, but gets dumped as a US military tool.

There was a high level of incompetence demonstrated over at Dodo last week, with the dead bird taking out most of Australia's internet for about half an hour or so and Optus has sought a Federal Court ruling preventing AFL chief Andrew Demetriou from claiming the telco's TV Now recording service is a form of "stealing". Them's fight'n words if ever I heard.

Also, Adam catches up with the Beeb to find out about a new News offering, and Leena will have the latest on gaming news from around the globe.


Android and iOS: Evi

Evi is the revolutionary artificial intelligence here to help with all of your everyday information needs. Evi's app is free to download and with no hidden charges. Unlike a search engine, which simply looks for matching words and shows you a list of websites, Evi understands what you want to know and gives back exactly what you're after.

Need to know where the nearest bank is? Not a problem. Going out for dinner but can't decide where? She can help with that too. The more you ask, the more she will learn, and thus she is improving all the time.

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   Episode 08/2012 - TX: February 20 2012 (Ep 372)

This week on the show, the big supermarket chains step up to the mark - technologically speaking, putting the power of grocery buying into the palm of your hand. As we suspected, the Optus victory over the AFL and NRL seems short lived as Australia's Federal court gears up for an appeal. Telstra offers up a new range of international data roaming caps, and I hope you're sitting down because for $1800AUD, you'll receive a massive 976.6 Mb which has included value of $15,000. Yes, you heard correct, $1800 for a gig –  and it doesn't roll over.

Also this week, there's another nail in the coffin for the Blackberry. There's Twitter news, Apple news, tech protests across Europe and Vodafone lost an embarrassing amount of customers in 2011.

Adam Turner has a Spotty view from the couch, Leena has the latest in gaming news, there's the gadget, website and odd spot of the week as well that must have app of the week for your smart phone or iGadget

Discovr Music

iPhone and iPad devices: Discovr Music

Featured worldwide by Apple. As seen in Techcrunch, Mashable, Billboard Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Venture Beat, and Wired Magazine. Discovr Music makes it easy to discover new music.

With more than 15 million songs and 3 million artists in the world of music how do you find the music you like? We built Discovr Music to make it easy to find and explore new music. Enter an artist you like and you'll discover artists you love. 


Android devices and iGadgets : Woolworths

The updated Woolworths Smartphone App lets you literally shop from anywhere, anytime, and have your purchases delivered fresh to your home at a time that's convenient for you. 
•Smart shopping lists organised in aisle order for your local store
•The ability to share shopping lists with other app users
•Barcode Scanner to add products to your lists quickly and easily
•Product Finder that lets you check if we sell your favourite products

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   Episode 07/2012 - TX: February 13 2012 (Ep 371)

This week on the show, surprise, surprise it's been almost 12 months since the iPad 2 hit the streets, so Apple are about to tell us all about the iPad 3. What surprises has the Cupertino giant got in store for us this time.

Also those hard drives in our computers are said to be getting a whole lot faster, Microsoft unveils the new look office, which, by the way, is up to release 15 for those counting, rumors have it that Google is looking to buy mobile phone spectrum in Australia, and a would be tech thief with a conscience turns himself in to Australian authorities for all the right reasons.  They're just some of the topics up for discussion this week on Tech Talk Radio.

Llama Location Profiles

Android devices: Llama - Location Profiles

Llama uses phone masts to determine your location, so that you can change your ringer, vibrate and ringtones depending on where you are as well as the time of day. Llama provides you with sound profiles so you can quickly switch between quiet, loud, silent and normal sound settings. You can set your family, wife and children to ring even if your phone is set to silent! You can create events and home screen shortcuts to manage your sound profiles and more:

-Silence your phone at work
-Turn your Bluetooth on ready to connect your headset for a morning run
-Set your phone quiet when it's late at night and you haven't gone out
-Start the music player when a headset is connected

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   Episode 06/2012 - TX: February 6 2012 (Ep 370)

Well it's good to be back for 2012 and as per usual, plenty has happened while been off air and living the life of rest and relaxation. We'll some of us anyway.

The big news on today's show is Optus's win in the legal system allowing Optus customers to time shift AFL and NRL sporting events although it may be a short lived victory. Also Facebook is looking to raise about $5bn so Mark has chosen to sell shares to the public. Then there's Google's privacy update. You know the one you didn't read when it splashed across your screen in the past week. SOPA was all the rage while we were on holidays with many popular websites shutting down for a day to protest the proposal before the US government, so well take a look at that too, Adam Turner is back with his view from the couch... there's news from the gaming world and a whole lot more. Oh and don't forget the odd spot, gadget and website of the week.

Dr Ron's Optus Tech support disaster
No one is immune to incompetence, but some telcos are better at it than others. Tech Talk Radio's Dr Ron recently had 'one of those calls' to the Optus internet help desk only to find out that help is the last thing on Australia's No2 telcos mind.
You can read all about the events on Dr Ron's blog in an article titled:
"An Optus Internet Support Call (or, a Lesson in Abject Incompetence)"


Apple's iPad & iPhone and Android devices: Triposo - Travel Guide to the World

One travel guide for the whole world. It's free and works offline.
Triposo offers you the best travel guide for your phone. Complete and up to date information from the best open sources and handy maps. Download city or country guides and use them offline while you travel. To make our guides we use the content that is freely available from seven different sources, including Wikitravel, Wikipedia, World66 and Openstreetmap. Our mission is to make that content relevant for you. So we mix and mash and annotate - and we distill great, relevant travel guides out of it.

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Tech Talk Radio Summer Series 2011/12

It's time the team took a break, so the best of Tech Talk Radio will be with you over the Summer Holidays. Sit back, relax by the pool or under a palm tree, enjoy Dr Ron's quality music programming and re-live some of the highlights from the past 7 years.

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