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Nerd Alert Ring Tone

We've had some strange requests over the years, and this one was definitely one from left field.

If, during the course of the show, one of the members of the panel get a little, how should you say, technical in their discussion, then the "Nerd Alert" warning is played to bring him or her back into line. After all, our show is for everyone, not just those with astrophysics degrees. Heaven help us, one doctor on the panel is enough!

To fulfil the wish of a listener who sought fit to email us requesting the Tech Talk Radio Nerd Alert for their phone, we've made it available as a download below.

A word of advice, use it wisely, not for when the wife calls. In fact there's and idea - Luddite Alert. Watch this space. But in the meantime...

Tech Talk Radio Nerd Alert  
44k 16b Stereo (for audiophile nerds) Download
Something MP3-ish for phones Download


  Tech Talk Radio Nerd Alert
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