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Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Melbourne Briefing

Thursday September 16 2010

Tech Journalists and IT writers from around Australia converged on a Melbourne hotel to hear Michael Kordahi, Developer evangelist at Microsoft Australia spruik IE9, Microsoft's next generation web browser, and at face value, it's Impressive. First impressions are good. Users are presented with a minimal graphic user interface with as much space given to web content as possible. IE9 boasts incredibly fast graphics, in fact, most likely the fastest graphic experience of any browser thanks to technology that utilises the GPU as opposed to traditional browsers using the CPU.

Download Melbourne IE9 Briefing by Michael Kordahi Michael has kindly allowed us to make the audio of the presentation available to Tech Talk listeners. This is the full presentation. Dur: 76m00s (36Mb)

Download Melbourne IE9 Briefing by Michael Kordahi

Michael Kordahi 'after presentation' interview with Dr. Ron
Dur: 5m46s (8Mb)
ie9 briefing Melbourne Michael Kordai
Michael Kordahi addressed a room of a dozen or so very interested on-lookers over a lovely breakfast.
Download the beta version of IE9 at
then compare it with all other browsers on your PC by visiting the IE9 test drive site.
IE9 Tech Talk Radio Jump menu ie9 briefing Michael Kordahi and Dr Ron
New Jump menus - a feature of IE9 Dr. Ron talks with Michael Kordahi
Keep up to date with all the IE9 developments by following Michael Kordahi on Twitter or via his blog Delicate Genius


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