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Adding an Android app without using the Google Play Store

One of the major features of the Android OS is the possibility to freely install third party applications. This is a great way of installing apps which have been blocked in our region for one reason or another.

The method described works with all Android smartphones regardless of the version used. You will need to download the Android SDK on your PC, and install the Android USB drivers, so you can connect the SDK to your phone via USB. According to what operating system you run on your computer you can choose to install one the Android SDKs here

After you finish the installation get you Android smartphone and go to Settings / Application / Settings and check the box next to Unknown sources option. After that go to Settings / SD Card / Phone Storage / uncheck the box next to USB storage. 

Connect your Android phone to the PC, open the Command Prompt and type in – adb install path/file.apk, where path is the full path to the APK file. Obviously “file.apk” is the name of the APK application file. The application stored on your PC is now installed on the Android smartphone, so you can start using it.


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ADB Android example

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