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Leena van Deventer
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Leena van Deventer
Gamer and Mum

Leena is the new Indie Games Section Editor over at Resolution Magazine as well as freelancing for a number of other sites, including zConnect, Play2Compete,, Digital Gaudium, and the soon-to-be-launched 7BitArcadeLeena is a mum and gamer that calls Melbourne home.

Her first console was her beloved NES, of which she was only allowed to own one game. Luckily Mario and Duck Hunt came in the one cartridge. After being exposed to Commander Keen and Lemmings at an Aunt’s place, a home computer was vehemently demanded and subsequently delivered. Here a love affair with PC gaming began, with her favourites including Need For Speed (over 4 floppy disks), Catacomb’s Abyss, Doom 2, You Don’t Know Jack, Jedi Knight, and eventually The Sims and Diablo 2. With fears of turning completely PC, a Nintendo 64 was required, and Leena finally got over her fear of completing a Mario game. Many games followed, on many, many platforms. She was sufficiently hooked.

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