Audience Participation

If you would like to voice your comment about anything you've heard on Tech Talk Radio, you can do one of four things.
We encourage audience participation so feel free to make contact!

If you want everyone to hear it!
If there's something really on your chest and you'd like to tell the Tech Talk Radio community about it, then send us an email outlining your plight and if it's suitable, well pre record your story for inclusion in outr show!
If you just want to have a rant...
Tech Talk Radio now has a site calle /rant ( If you've had a bad experience with a telco or ISP, been the victim of poor workmanship or just frustrated with your latest piece of tech, the vent on the /rant website.
If you want everyone to read it!
Visit the Tech Talk Radio Forum and tell us your thoughts.
If you only want show producers to hear it!
Send us an email. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for the show.







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