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Tech Talk Radio Coffee Mug Offer

Now that we're over the 100 show mark, the crew here at Tech Talk Radio figured we needed something.... something to remind us of the pain and suffering we all endure in the wee small hours in the morning putting the show together each week.

It was a toss up between mouse mats, caps, balaclavas and key fobs, but the humble coffee mug came up trumps! So Dr. Ron reluctantly took on this most high tech and important project, and sought out a suitable company to print them. (He gets all the good jobs)

As a result, we have a strictly limited amount of cups of which one can be yours for the princely sum of $12.50.

Shipping to anywhere in Australia is $7.50 or $15 internationally. Accept direct credit or PayPal.

And on the odd chance, you think they may become a highly sort after collectors mug worth thousands on eBay sometime in the future, we'll part with six for just $50.

So what are you waiting for - they won't last! We'll use them! Email Dr Ron now and tell him how many you want sent where and how, as well as payment etc.

All orders will be acknowledged on air

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