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Adam TurnerView from the couch is a weekly segment on Tech Talk Radio by Adam Turner. Adam loves a good rant, so not only can you read his blog, you can also have him in your ears.

Adam was formerly Melbourne deputy editor of Next, the business IT section of Fairfax's The Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers. In March 2005, after seven years at The Age, Turner switched to a freelance career. He still writes the Upgrade product review column in Next and also contributes features and reviews to various business and consumer technology publications. His specialty area is the "digital lounge room" Visit Adam's website.

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2009 View from the couch

Adam takes the couch to Sydney -December 7 2009
Adam catches up wth a Tech Talk Listener while in Sydney
The new look TiVo -November 30 2009
Robbee Minicola (CEO Hybrid TV) talks adam through the new offerings from TiVo
Need extra power for gadgets on the go? -November 23 2009
Power Monkey could be the answer to you additional power requirements
To POP or not to POP? -November 16 2009
Friends don't let friends use POP3
The Harmony 700? Are consumers being fleeced? -November 9 2009
Logitec is up to its old tricks again, stipping features from new models to force consumers to buy more expensive equivalents
Will Amazon's Kindle e-book be the iPhone of e-books? -November 2 2009
Will the Kindle do for Books what Apple's iPod did for music?
Windows 7 Launch -October 26 2009
Adam treks to Sydney to see experience the launch of Microsoft's latest Operating System as well as catch up with Jeff Putt, who heads up the Windows consumer team.
Freeview UK logo not to be used in Australia October 19 2009
Feeview Australia's campaign is built around fear uncertainty and doubt.
Is 123456 your Hotmail password? - October 12 2009
Those people who use passwords like 123456 deserve all they get. October 12, 2009
Sidewiki - work of the devil? October 5 2009
How to help and learn from others as you surf the web.
Bamboo Evolves
Mice are dead. Pens and touch pads are the way of the future. September 28, 2009
The splitting of Telstra
With telstra told to separate wholesale from retail, how will this affect Australia's incumbant telco? September 21, 2009
iTunes 9- Adam likes what he sees in iTunes 9, but sees red over the lack of blu
Adam puts Apples newest iTunes client to the test! September 14, 2009
Apple's new cat Snow Leopard hits the streets
Adam and Macworld podcaster Anthony Caruana take a first look at Apples new OS, Snow Leopard. August 31, 2009
iVew, Playstation and Telstra
August 24, 2009
Mobile Computing: What's right for you?
PC Mobility - What's best for you? Table PC's, Swivelling notebooks? Netbooks?. August 17, 2009
TV Recycling: Why not?
Something there's been very little of in this country. August 10, 2009
Computer Games: Do you snack or go the banquet?
Food and computer games have a lot in common. August 3, 2009
Heaven is in the Cloud
If your computer died right now, what would you do? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? It happens to everyone at some time. July 27, 2009
Channel 9 is GO!
Channel 9 to soft launch their new digital channel (99) on August 9 before a full launch in September.
July 20, 2009
DLNA - The digital living room's new best friend?
DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a group of manufacturers who have teamed together to connect the devices in our modern living room. July 6, 2009
Apple's iPhone 3Gs - Is it time to upgrade?
Apples newest incarnation of the iPhone hit the streets this week in the form of the 3GS. But do the new features warrant the upgrade? June 29, 2009
Digital Radio (DAB+) and what Austereo has in store for listeners
With the roll out of Digital Radio in Australia underway, not all broadcasters are planning to do the same thing. Adam talks to Jamie, Digital Content Manager from Austereo. June 22, 2009
VoiP on mobile phones is not all it's made out to be
True VoiP over mobile broadband such as Skype using a mobile handset is more or less impossible. So why do telephony providers provide a skype client on smartphones? . June 15, 2009
It's time to ride the Google wave
What would email look like if it was invented today? Google's Wave will show us in the not to distant future. June 8, 2009
HTC's Magic comes to town
Google's Android platform is right at home on HTC's dream, but the Magic is coming soon to Vodafone and Hutchison's 3 June 1, 2009
DAB: Digital Radio comes to town!
With the Digital TV debacle in Australia why will the roll out and take of of Digital Radio be any different? May 25, 2009

CeBit - Adam talks VOIP with Mynetphone's technical director, Rene Sugo
Adam talks Naked DSL with telephony provider MyNetPhone at CeBit 2009. Rene explains the benefits of this technology and how it works for you. May 18, 2009

Star Trek: See it first at a cinema.
Do yourself a favour and see the new Star Trek film at a cinema. It's and experience that you'll remember for years to come. May 11, 2009 Watch Video
TiVo's Blockbuster video on demand
Adam puts this new service to the test with mixed results.
May 4, 2009
The up-shot of Ice Tv's win over the Nine Network in the Australian High Court
The Nine Network found it easy to attack a small local EPG Provider over copyright in an EPG. Will they regret it? April 27, 2009
Freeview's MHG5 could be obsolete in months!
Half of the Freeview branded digital TV equipment to go on sale in Australia in May could be obsolete by Christmas. April 20, 2009 More on MHEG 5
Q. When is a Netbook no longer a Netbook?
A. Once a Netbook features a DVD burner, cost exceeds $1000, and weighs 1500g's it's a Laptop, but Asus have other ideas. April 6, 2009
Is Apple's move to sell HD movies on iTunes the end of Bluray?
Compare what Apple's selling (or about to sell) on the iTunes store to what you can buy in a regular store and you be the judge, or is it just the benevolent dictators at Cupertino deciding which technologies are nest for Apple users? March 30, 2009
Will Apple's lack of Apps for the iPhone be its undoing?
In an about face - something that Apple would not normally do, Apple is about to tell us what in store for it's new iPhone. Why? Maybe the competition is becoming more of a threat than first anticipated. March 16, 2009

Cupertino: I want my Bluray drive!
Bluray may have won the war against HD-DVD, but Apple seems determined to see the format die a quick death so the iTunes store can rule the world. March 9, 2009

Filtering out the inane chatter in social networking
How do you set up social networking so you only receive relevant posts and filter out the inane chatter? It's all the way you tweak your settings! March 2, 2009

Telstra's 21 Mbps Next G? Not likely - try 8Mbps if your lucky
Telstra launched 21Mbps on Next G but 8 Mbps but where's the pricing relief? And what about the Blackberry style mobile email service - maybe sticking to the dedicated providers for quality and support as well as freedom to switch February 23, 2009

Say it's not so... Commercial Television embracing P2P?
Seeing is believing, but is this desperate measures for desperate times? Or can you really teach an old dog new tricks? One of Australia's commercial network is asking us to share its programs.
February 16, 2009

Google takes Social Networking to the next level with Latitude
Let your friends know where you are all the time with Google Latitude. Sound like a good idea? Wait until it's built in to other social networking sites. February 9, 2009

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