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Adam TurnerView from the couch is a weekly segment on Tech Talk Radio by Adam Turner. Adam loves a good rant, so not only can you read his blog, you can also have him in your ears.

Adam was formerly Melbourne deputy editor of Next, the business IT section of Fairfax's The Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers. In March 2005, after seven years at The Age, Turner switched to a freelance career. He still writes the Upgrade product review column in Next and also contributes features and reviews to various business and consumer technology publications. His specialty area is the "digital lounge room" Visit Adam's website.

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2007 View from the couch

Adam Turner plans to jump off the SS Microsoft in quest of greener pastures
Time to move house. Renovate or move, this is the question most of us ponder at one time in our life, and computers are no exception. Are you sick of fighting the Operating System? Looking for something that just works? Adam is! December 10, 2007

Christmas mobile broadband offerings for all
It's the season to be jolly and the mobile broadband providers are serving up some new temptations designed to get you to sign up. Optus and Vodafone are the first to cut mobile data prices this time round. December 3, 2007

Australian TV Networks treat views as idiots
Electronic Program Guides (EPG's) go relatively un noticed everywhere in the world except here in Australia. What Free TV Australia tell us and the manufacturers are somewhat different, as Adam tells. November 19, 2007

"Adam sent us an email to say Free TV Australia confirmed today that ad-skipping PVR's are not authorised to use the new EPG, but they won't explain how they intend to enforce it. They've said it won't be using encryption, which is supported by the fact 9 and 10 started broadcasting full EPG's today that aren't locked down. It seems like Free TV Australia intends to such lawyers rather than technology to enforce the issue, but they won't elaborate. Adam's written about it on IT Wire today but he hopes to know more when he come into the studio next week."

Google has let an Android on the loose
What, no Google phone yet? Instead, Google have released a new linux bused OS touted as a replacement for the symbian operating system in mobile devices . November 12, 2007

Bandwidth Hungary mobile devices
Be afraid - they're coming! Bandwidth hungry mobile devices such as the mythical Google Phone and more... Saddle up if you dare. November 5, 2007

Australian Digital Entertainment providers brace for impact
The new kids are on the block in the form of Reeltime and Ice, but here comes 7 and Tivo!
October 29, 2007

Channel 7 treats HD viewers with contempt
With all the hum drum surrounding High Definition television in this country, the seven network have started broadcasting material in HD which just isn't on the program guide as Adam Explains....
October 22, 2007

Communities, XP Media Centre and Hancock
So who owns a community? Adam looks at the goings-on surrounding the sale of the XP Media Centre site to Reeltime . October 8, 2007

Firefox and Adblock Plus
Firefox users have been blocked from some sites because of a program called Adblock Plus. Adam Turner tells all. October 1, 2007

SCO, Caldera, Unix and Linux
SCO became one of the most hated companies in the world. Adam takes a look at fall and fall of SCO. $30m worth of bankruptcy and a good does of karma is a result of several law suits and untold litigation. September 24, 2007

Web 2.0, blogs and litigation. 2clix
In the day of interactive websites blogs where users are encouraged to publish their thoughts, are Australian's running the risk of being the subject of legal argument about their online discussions? It seems so - 2clix in particular. September 17, 2007

Web 2.0, blogs and litigation. 2clix
In the day of interactive websites blogs where users are encouraged to publish their thoughts, are Australian's running the risk of being the subject of legal argument about their online discussions? It seems so - 2clix in particular. September 17, 2007

Firmware and Hardware
You wouldn't buy a car with three wheels would you? Then why buy computer hardware that's not complete? Adam Turner looks at this growing dilemma. September 10, 2007

Drugs, Blogs and the Media
This week Adam takes a look at the AFL Drugs scandal, How the rumors started and how the mainstream media ran with it. A controversial View from the couch. September 3, 2007

Internet Filters - Your taxes at work
The Federal Government has just launched three computer programs in an attempt to keep the bad things on the internet at bay. This week Adam puts one of them to the test to see if they were worth the millions spent on their development by the taxpayer just weeks away from a poll. August 27, 2007

Universal Remote Controls
With the on going evolution of PVR's, Media Centre's, Set Top Boxes, DVD recorders, Home cinema equipment and wide screen television sets, keeping up with all the remotes is now futile. Adam shed's some light on how to reclaim your sanity, and stop playing hide and seek for the remote that' gone missing. August 20, 2007

PS3's and Digital Tuners
Sony PS3 owners can now watch the idiot box via a digital tuner... but at what price? The game console to take over your lounge room! August 6, 2007

Telstra, Trojans and Margaret
If you're a Telstra customer with a small monthly data allowance and somehow manage to become infected with a trojan, chances are your usage limits will be exceeded. This can be costly unless you catch it early in the infection stage. July 31, 2007

Home PVR's for Mum and Dad
So when your parents or the in-laws ask you to help them move into the world of digital television - something facing us all in the next few years, what do you do? Adam shares his experience.
July 23, 2007

Apple Bullies
Apple's legal bullying of the media has hit a new low, with Cupertino forcing Australian technology magazine APC to pull a positive OS X "Leopard" article discussing features Steve Jobs has already presented on-stage at Mac World. July 16, 2007

Australia's new EPG coming soon
Australian free to air TV networks have always been protective of their EPG. In the past few years there has been heated discussion about just this issue - in fact the Nine Network has ICE TV in the courts at the moment challenging them on copyright. So what's new? Adam explains. July 9, 2007

British Telecom's answer to competition
With all the angst and ill feeling generated by Australia's incumbent telco Telstra, Adam compares notes between BT and Telstra, after a meeting with BT's boss Ben Verwaayen. Same competition scenario, similar regulator. ...and the outcome? July 2, 2007

Blogs and Journalism
Should journalists Blog? Adam recently found himself asking just this very question after publishing his thoughts on the Seeking Nerdvana Blog. June 25, 2007

Pluto has been getting a bad wrap of late, so Adam found the telescope and took a peek at this mighty distant rock. June 18, 2007

Who watches the watchers?
Forget Maxwell Smart's shoe phone. Today the fight between good and evil occurs with ones and zeros in cyberspace. This week, Adam looks at an experiment by the Chicago Tribune, to see how hard it was to track CIA spies on the internet. June 11, 2007.

Apple TV, GooTube and TiVo
Apple TV and YouTube have got into bed with each other. And TiVo is about to hit Australian shores thanks to Channel 7. Adam has his crystal ball on the couch to see what sort of future is in store for us on the Couch in the not to distant future. June 4, 2007

Star Wars
It started in 1977. Where is it today - Adam looks at George Lucas's epic Star Wars. May 28, 2007

Apple TV
Apple recently launched their Apple TV offering - a box bridging the gap between the iPod and the home entertainment system. But things aren't always what they seem as Adam finds out. May 21, 2007

Now we aren't talking
In a poll conducted recently on Telstra's propaganda website, results were allegedly rigged by a spammer, not in favor of the incumbent telco. The oppositions PR department certainly got hold of it and added their flavor of spin to it, and as Adam concludes - Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. May 14, 2007

CeBIT Australia
Adam takes the couch to Sydney for CeBIT. CeBIT Australia is Australasia's leading Information & Communications Technology (ICT) event for the business marketplace and covers the entire spectrum of technology and the key elements that make up the ICT products and services marketplace. This is the only Australian event where you can exhibit your products and services to a large and high level audience of business decision makers and buyers – keen to see the latest and greatest solutions available. May 7, 2007

Second Life
Have you got yourself a second life? Based on original text based chat rooms, it's a virtual 3D world where you can buy and sell things! There's real money involved here and over $7m US per month change hands on digital goods and services. Don't be afraid... or maybe you should be afraid.
April 30, 2007

Big Brother
The ubiquitous Big Brother returns for another season, but what technology does it herald this year? Well channel 10 and Hutchinson's 3 have dreamt up great ways to help youthful viewers part with their hard earned cash. April 23,2007

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