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Tech Talk Radio Carpark edition

What's the carpark edition you ask? Wish we knew!

Tech Talk StudioTech Talk Radio originates from the studios of 3WBC which can be heard in Melbourne on 94.1 MHz. Every so often, station management has shifts to fill and this is when we step up to the mark and help out.

Saturday, October 8th at 7PM, was one of those nights, so Dr. Ron, Andrew, Adam and Graeme headed to the studio for 2 and a half hours of... well, anything really. We were not intentionally going to talk about tech, but that was a little difficult. Instead we played our favorite music tracks and talked about other things like movies... and, well stuff in general.

All going well this may be the beginning of something.

Any way, if your interested in hearing the panel in a slightly different light, the carpark is the place to be. All the things that are off topic on the regular show. You know...

Our first carpark would appeal to lovers of Star Trek, Dr Who, Star Wars, movie buffs, and those with an interest in pop TV culture... that's sort of how it panned out. Download it here.

In fact, the panel learnt a few things. One of our astute listeners, Mark, drew our attention to an Icom R71 strategically placed in the set of Big Bang Theory and followed up with a pic. (below)

"As you can see the VFO knob is missing" "It is in this location most of Series one"

"In series two it is beside a PC that's is on the floor just to Sheldon's left side... "

Icom R71 Big Bang

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