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Tech Talk Radio - The end of an era


Tech Talk Radio will come to an end in it's current form on December 3, 2012.

Since December 2004, and every Monday night for the past 8 years, Tech Talk Radio has been providing consumers unbiased and hopefully balanced technical information on everything across the technical genre from Telcos, hardware and software, new technology, future technology gadgets, to helping listeners with lifestyle choices.

We've been lucky to meet some amazing people along the way. We've spoken to those in the engine room of Google and Microsoft, and had local Aussie entrepreneurs and tech inventors in our studio.

The audience for Tech Talk Radio has also grown and flourished over the past few years. We've even been kicked of ISPs because our bandwidth usage exceeded their fair use policy. In December 2012, the show aired weekly on 30+ free to air radio stations around Australia, and even overseas. The podcast downloads were in excess of 5000 per episode and at times had peaked over 8000.

So why finish up?

Probably the most frequently asked question. Putting together 2 hours of radio each week is an enormous task. In fact, it would be a full time job for one person. Everyone currently involved in the show has a day job, and family commitments which are naturally a high priority. Regular listeners to the show would appreciate the quality of the show from a post production point of view, through to content. Then there's all the work after the show each week editing the show into it's respective lengths for it's various destinations. All in all, there's between 60 and 80 hours of work each episode which is spread across the limited time of the members of the panel. Quite a formidable challenge which everyone has risen to.

Why not back off a bit and make less work for everyone?

Tech Talk Radio is what it is today because of the tireless efforts of all involved. Compromising our standards and providing an inferior program just wasn't an option. The decision to wind up was given a good 6 months of thought. Ongoing efforts to seek sponsorship have been challenging in the current market space as traditional media morphs into new media, so the decision was made in October of 2012 to finish up at the end of the current season on a high. Listeners have come to expect a certain level of production and to compromise on that just wasn't fair to everyone.

What now?

Tech Talk Radio has become a modern day Magrathea, but instead of luxury planet building, we were in the business of quality content. The website, twitter feed and podcast stream and most importantly the newsletter will remain active. As well, from time to time, you'll hear us all back on the radio for special 2 hour shows, it just won't be a regular Monday night gig. (That's why everything will stay live)

Will Tech Talk Radio Return some day?

...a question that needs to be asked, and to which the answer is maybe. There is a big need for Australian based tech contend delivered to consumers in a fashion which is easy to digest. We'll continue to seek sponsorship and commercial input for the foreseeable future. While the broadcasting industry continues to grapple with new media, and organisations that would traditionally advertise or sponsor programs in such a space continue their sole searching on where best to invest their harder to earn cash, we'll continue to sit on the sidelines in the hope that this highly volatile space settles down sooner than later.

To wrap things up for now...

Tech Talk Radio has been a labour of love for the past 8 years. For everyone involved the show has become a major part of their daily lives. We'll all miss it, but it's that time of the shows life. It will make the coming random specials all the more fun for both those in front of and behind the mics. To all our regular listeners and contributors, you've all helped make the show into what it is at it's conclusion. We may not have had the time to respond to all the emails we've received, but we've certainly read them all and included them in the show where and when possible.

On behalf of the current on air crew, Ron, Graeme, Leena, Andrew, Adam, Mark and Lid, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

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