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Tech Talk Radio Show 46 of 2012
Transmission date: November 12, 2012
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Ep 46 of 2012
Episode 410

Monday November 12 2012

On the show tonight, Conroy ditches the controversial mandatory ISP filter which was an election promise at the last federal election.


Interesting that Telstra is to retry it’s Next G web filter service as well.

ISP TPG faces court over triple zero access, and Telco’s declare that SMS is unsafe for banking transactions.

Also if you’ve ever wondered what a copyrighted tweet is, well wonder no more as Twitter starts to withdraw them.

And Adam turner sips the latte with Scott Sheedy, founder of WP Down Under blog about Microsoft’s strategy surface tablets.

Gadget: Apple's iPad Mini. 7" of the best

Website: Videohive is a greate source of royalty free media including stock footage, DVD menus and motion graphics

This week's App of the Week!


Consume for iPhone and iPad

Keep track of your usage for your mobile phone, broadband, packages, toll cards, rewards cards and more with the best usage app on the app store. Consume features a stunning interface plus more than 250 providers from 18 countries, Including AT&T, Orange, O2, Fido, Rogers, Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Virgin, 3 and many more. Consume is powered by plain text configuration files known as ‘Recipes’ that tell it how to find your usage. In the event that a provider changes there usage page or API, Consume can download updated Recipes. This means provider issues can often be fixed within minutes.

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