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Tech Talk Radio Show 46 of 2010
Transmission date: November 15, 2010
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Ep 46 of 2010
November 15, 2010

HTC DesireThe transition from the not so smart phone to the smartphone is well underway, Many independent reports by market researches such as Gartner and IDC found that the smartphone market grew by almost 90 per cent in the third quarter as vendors ramped up their efforts.

According to figures from IDC, a total of 81.1 million units were shipped in the quarter, compared to the 42.8 million from the same period in 2009, a pretty impressive take up by any measure, and which will no doubt continue to see massive take up as industries around the world begin to take advantage of mobile applications targeting consumers with the new gadgets.

It’s important to remember that smartphones are really personal computers which have been scaled down in size, but not in capability. Apps provide smartphone owners with maps, email, and web access.  They even empower consumers at the point of purchase to do last minute price checks online, to knock that little bit more of the price of a purchase.

For the first time, IDC has predicted over 20 per cent of all devices shipped across the world will be smartphones by the end of 2010. In 2009 the official figure was 15 per cent. The market transition to smartphones is proceeding at a brisk and unabated pace

As for vendor differentiation, Nokia was still top of the pile, although its market share was further eroded away. Apple posted its highest volume quarter of the year and therefore leapfrogged RIM into second place, even though the latter posted a record level of shipments for a single quarter. Samsung was the most improved player, reporting the highest year-over-year change of all the top smartphone vendors and overtaking HTC into fourth.

The overall global mobile market has not been performing particularly well, as a report from Strategy Analytics found the overall annual market growth fell to 13 per cent in the third quarter, down from 16 per cent in the first half and would slow to 10 per cent in the fourth quarter.

So maybe the global take up of mobile devices has peaked, and as we now focus on the upgrade of our personal communicator from phone to smartphone, all eyes will no doubt turn to the major manufacturers as they scramble to out do each other in a market place which is now saturated. It’s no longer the device we shop for, but the applications, and app store offerings which support it. Also, cost is no longer a consideration either as most of today’s smartphones are in a similar price bracket. So which one will you choose and why?

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