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Tech Talk Radio Show 44 of 2012
Transmission date: October 29, 2012
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Ep 44 of 2012
Episode 408

Monday October 29 2012

On the show today, we'll take a look at the new arrivals in the tech world last week, primarily from the biggest two companies in the world, Apple and Microsoft. The long time rumored and highly anticipated iPad mini has finally been revealed, and the not so long awaited, in fact probably the most under whelming software launch for the year, Windows 8 went on sale. In fact it was so under whelming that ABC radio's AM presenter Tony Eastly refereed to it as Windows 9. Oh dear Microsoft.

Also this week Tiger Airways Australia has been slapped with an $110,000 infringement notice by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for failing to unsubscribe customers from marketing emails. Taiwanese based HTC profits slump big time this quarter after on the heels of a record run in 2012, Alleged online piracy kingpin and alleged musician Kim Dotcom is back in business, and rumor has it that the next biggest shortage in the world is touch screens.

Don't forget there's also the usual odd spot, gadget, app and website of the week, as well Leena's back after GCAP last week so that's all to come.

Gadget:The Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen


This week's App of the Week!


Swiftkey for Android

SwiftKey gives much more accurate corrections and predictions than other keyboards, because it’s powered by natural language technology. It understands how words work together, meaning very sloppy typing just works and the word you’ll probably want next is magically predicted. SwiftKey 3 learns the words and phrases you use, and how you interact with your keyboard as you use it, to make typing easier and even more accurate over time. You can also personalize it using your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog posts.

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