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Tech Talk Radio Show 43 of 2009
Transmission date: October 26, 2009

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Ep 43: Windows 7 finally hits the streets and Adam Turner Talks to the movers and shakers at the Sydney Launch, and Sally Cockburn. aka Dr Feelgood joins the panel.

October 26 , 2009

Sally Cockburn - AKA Dr FeelgoodOur in studio Guest this week is Sally Cockburn, also known as Dr Feelgood. From 1993, her 6 years as host of top rating national radio talk back sex and relationships program "Pillowtalk" on the Austereo Network gathered her a loyal following all over Australia due to her down to earth, practical advice on matters of the heart and body, and tonight she reveals her tech life and style.

October 22 2009, Microsoft entered the next phase of it’s evolutionary process with the launch of it’s Windows 7 operating system. Steel reeling from the fall out and bad press over Widows 7’s predecessor Vista, Microsoft seems to be copping a bit of flak over the pricing of Windows 7 especially here in Australia, and especially the upgrade price for those keen to migrate from Vista. Australian customers will have fork out almost double the US price for some versions of Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system.

Microsoft cited taxes, freight costs and currency fluctuations as key reasons that the retail price for full and upgrade versions of its software were substantially higher than in the US, which, when you consider that the Aussie Dollar is near parity with the falling US currency, and traditionally Microsoft manufacture in our region, it’s certainly a pill which is a bit hard to swallow.

Windows 7Pricing aside, Microsoft certainly have a lot riding on the back of the new OS. Tracey Fellows, Managing Director of Microsoft Australia said the new operating system offers a streamlined user interface and significant new features that make everyday tasks easier and allow people to get the most out of computers of all styles and sizes.

Now that Windows 7 is on the streets, those users who matter the most will now be able to have their say about how good, bad or indifferent the software is on blogs and in chat rooms globally.

One other fracas which is dogging the Windows 7 launch is the alleged misleading nature of Microsoft’s latest TV commercial promoting the security associated with the operating system. The advertisement in question features an elderly gentlemen with what looks to be his grandson. They are playing with a very grand toy castle and talking about IT security. 

During the launch Q&A session, journalist Nick Ross asked Jeff Putt, who heads up the Windows consumer team, if he thought the advert was misleading, to which he responded by saying consumers should get "more sincere guidance" from a third party. He quickly added that Windows 7 is the most secure operating system Microsoft has ever produced, and now have Windows Live Security Essentials for people to download as antivirus software.

On a finishing note, which maybe just opportunistic coincidence or karma, as Microsoft launched  Windows 7, Apple was putting the finishing touches on its own windows refresh after the expensive glass facade of its flagship Sydney store was vandalised by a projectile, thought to be a ball bearing.

This week on TTR

  • Recent Apple convert Adam Turner looks out the window to check out the vista. He even catches up with Jeff Putt, who heads up the Windows consumer team to talk Windows 7 features.

  • Nokia sues Apple for patent infringement and

  • IT Guru, Dr Feelgood – AKA Dr Sally Cockburn, joins the panel. Yes, a real doctor in the studio. You may remember Sally as the host of Pillowtalk, a late night relationship program which aired in on the Austereo network in the late 90’s. So stay tuned to learn if she’s a Mac or a PC.