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Tech Talk Radio Show 42 of 2011
Transmission date: October 17, 2011
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Ep 42 of 2011
October 17

This week, the patent war between major hardware vendors reaches fever pitch with Australia’s Federal Court imposing a temporary ban on the sale of Samsung's latest tablet computer in Australia. Block the sale of the Galaxy 10.1 tablet hands rival Apple another legal victory in the global patent war between the two firms.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Both Apple and Samsung have been locked in an acrimonious battle in nine countries involving smartphone and tablet patents since April, with the Australian dispute centering on touch-screen technology.

In this current round Apple accused Samsung's Galaxy range of tablets and mobile phones of being too similar to its iPad and iPhone and requested an injunction to stop Samsung from selling or advertising the products locally.

This decision is not final, but for the time being, Samsung’s Galaxy tablet is not available for sale in Aus. The court said that Apple was likely to succeed at trial.

And in other Patent battles, Microsoft is targeting Google's supply chain with the giant computer company expected to gain from Android and Chrome OS devices made by giant Taiwanese computer and smartphone maker Quanta. The deal could be significant for Microsoft since Quanta is one of the largest PC, tablet and phone makers in the world.

The Taiwanese company supplies nearly all the big brand device makers, including Research in Motion, the world’s second largest PC maker, Lenovo, and key Android maker, Samsung.

Isn’t it a shame that rather than companies bettering the products to win market share, they’re resorting to blocking their competitors with legal disputes.  

This week on Tech Talk Radio

We hear from Canon, the makers of photographic and computer printers about their recent study ‘Change or Be Left Behind’, ACCC fights back in Google case, There’s a new mac book pro on the horizon, Victoria’s problematic Myki publick transport ticketing system gets hacked and Hackers breach Sony systems again.

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