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Tech Talk Radio Show 39 of 2012
Transmission date:September 24, 2012
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Ep 39 of 2012
Episode 403

Monday September 24, 2012

iPhoneOn the show today. Apple's new iPhone has finally hit the stores globally, and as you'd expect, demand and sales have gone ballistic. And now that it's on the streets, we can take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly with the new smartphone. Adam view from the couch this week is all about Apples's new  passbook feature along with a few things that didn't make the cut. Then there's ios6. Some devices took advantage of many of the new features while some missed out altogether. We'll tell you what got what.

The world didn't just stop for Apple this week. There's new on the patent front, Australia's communication regulator has illegal mobile phone repeaters firmly in its sights, and Google Maps announces a 400 year advantage over Apple Maps. Them's fighting words.

Last week we told you where to sit in a train for best mobile phone coverage on the peak hour commute, this week we'll tell you where the best place is to sit in the plane, should you be about to crash!

Gadget: The Kindle Touch

Website: What's your klout? "" is a measure of your social friendliness.

This week's App of the Week!

On Tour

On Tour for iPhone

OnTour makes it easier than ever to find when artists from your iPhone's music library are OnTour in your state.
- Receive notifications when your artists announce new tour dates.
- Effortlessly Tweet, Facebook or email the tour details to your friends. 

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