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Tech Talk Radio Show 39 of 2011
Transmission date: September 26, 2011
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Ep 39 of 2011
September 26

In the ever changing world of technology, only truly great gadgets stand the test of time. Chances are, if you don’t own one of Apple’s iPods, then you know someone who does. Would it surprise you that the ubiquitous device is having it’s 10th birthday this week.
Steve Jobs first introduced it on Oct. 23, 2001, and it went on sale a few weeks later. After a fairly slow start, the iPod eventually became Apple’s main growth driver, helped lead the company’s amazing comeback, and then gave way to the iPhone and iPad.

First iPod

Today, the iPod business is in decline, while the rest of Apple continues to grow rapidly — especially the iPhone and iPad.  It’s easy to say that the right move is to shut down the iPod line and focus on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, but Apple has a big investment in music. Especially as Apple already seems to be winding down the “iPod” brand within iOS, splitting the iPod app into separate “Music” and “Video” apps

Could Apple split the iPod touch into two devices: A "nano" or 'mini" that runs some sort of iOS apps? Or maybe it is time for Apple to re shape their range of iGagets. With the release of the iPhone 5 sooner than later, and lets face it, Apples phone does everything the iPod does and more, maybe times up for the old iPod.

This week on Tech Talk Radio

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This week's App of the Week:


Apple: Foodi

Favourite chef recipes from ABC TV and Radio for iPads with iOS 4.0 and above.

Browse 145 mouth-watering recipes from 45 chefs, including Poh Ling Yeow, Maggie Beer, Simon Bryant, Bill Granger, and Matt Moran. Flip through recipes by dish, browse by season, chef, or occasion such as entertaining. Foodi also offers gluten free and vegan recipes.

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