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Tech Talk Radio Show 34 of 2010
Transmission date: August 23, 2010
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Ep 34 of 2010
August 23, 2010

There’s an old saying “If it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it” which as most techie types know, is very true for anything to do with computers and something that I was reminded of last week as I upgraded my iiNet plan to take advantage of the new competition in the broadband market.

With Telstra’s aggressive retail push in the broadband market two weeks ago, ISPs big and small have been re jigging their ADSL offerings to try and match the incumbents. iiNet, TPG, and AAPT are just a few. Anyway, being an iiNet customer, on the 20th of August, the day the new plans became available, I upgraded my business plan to take advantage of 4 times the extra bandwidth allowance for the same price.

Logging on to iiNet’s webpage and upgrading was the easiest part of the day’s work, it’s what happened in the hours after that, that became increasingly trying.  The new allowances were applied instantly which I thought was impressive, but all connectivity ceased about half an hour after the upgrade. After going through the “is it me or is it them” fault finding, I came to the conclusion it was an iiNet problem and jumped on the phone to business support.

iiNet’s support has always been pretty good, as I managed to speak to a Western Australian within a few moments after wrestling with their IVR and being bombarded with propaganda. “We’ve been inundated with plan changes” came the reply from the first line of tech support defense. I was told there were some problems with authentication with the new plans, and it would be long. 4 hours later, we were back online. Just a tad too long for a business to be off line.

The problems didn’t end there. The IP address had become dynamic, not static. This causes all sorts of problems for clients trying to connect to the server, so at 6PM on Friday (Western Australian Time) I jumped on the phone to support once again, and to my disappointment and frustration, iiNet could or would only support residential customers after hours. How infuriating. Businesses don’t stop after hours, in fact that’s the time when most systems work the hardest, doing off site backups and likes.
According to whirlpool, an independent website which helps consumers choose an Internet Service Provider, the top five companies of choice are Internode, iiNet, TPG, Telstra Bigpond, and Optusnet.

Business pays a premium for their services over residential customers, supposedly for a better support deal. It makes you wonder though if all ISPs treat business support the same? The lack of support from iiNet certainly came as a surprise when wouldn’t you thing the technology is all the same?

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