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Tech Talk Radio Show 34 of 2009
Transmission date: August 24, 2009

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Ep 34: TTR Ep 3409: Video on the Web - and the changing face of Browsers, Telstra and ACMA, iVew and Playstation, Bad guys online, Windows 7 getting closer, Doctaron on twitter, Cyberbully gets jail in UK

August 24 , 2009

If you hadn’t noticed, there seems to be a lot more video on the web these days. What once used to be an online extravagance, has now become the norm thanks to gains in connectivity speed in recent years, as well as the industry gurus who are making video codecs much more usable, after all, maximum compression with maximum quality is the name of the online video game these days.

As with everything in today’s online world, one thing leads to another, and it’s certainly the case with video. Apple, Microsoft and Adobe all have a finger in the video pie, but some more than others. Apple has it’s extremely high quality H264 codec, Adobe has flash and Microsoft… Well what do they have?

Silverlight is Microsoft’s latest foray into the online world. A plug in which offers a rich media experience to visitors of a website. What ever that is. Some have drawn parallels between Flash and Silverlight, but the two, in my way of seeing things, are two completely different beasts.

When it comes to web development, Macromedia developed a suite of applications of which the flag ship was Dreamweaver – an industry standard web development program. At the time, Macromedia also developed Flash – an application that was originally built to provide competition to Microsoft’s power point program, but instead found itself in cyberspace.  Macromedia was bought by Adobe in 2005, and it didn’t take long for both products to be re badged and re launched by Adobe.

Microsoft have been noticeably absent in the web world. Front page, Microsoft’s token web development app, was very clunky and was not a patch on Dreamweaver. As time passed, Dreamweaver became more entrenched in heart of developers out of lack of competition, if nothing else, making it even more difficult for any other company to muscle in to the web app space.

In recent times, Microsoft has launched their version of a web development suite called Expression – and they’re up to edition 3 if you hadn’t noticed. The big gun in this package has to be Silverlight, as it’s the software player that pulls all the new features together – 3D, Video, an high resolution image galleries. It’s even got its own media encoder and buffer-less video serving of a Microsoft IIS, 

Is this the new web development platform to give Adobe’s Dreamweaver and flash a run for it’s money?  Check out the soon to be launched Channel nine site video.ninemsn.com.au. Currently you’ll see a 2D video wall which will mutate into a 3D elliptical wall with interactive tiles all constructed in Expression Blend and Expression Coder. So what’s the chance of web developers globally jumping ship? Maybe it’s just a new tool to add to the collection. So next time you’re prompted to add Silverlight to a browser why not give it a go. You never know what you might see.

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