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Tech Talk Radio Show 32 of 2011
Transmission date: August 8, 2011
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Ep 32 of 2011
August 8

Indulging in a videogame is a common form of past time for almost everyone. Yes there are the few exceptions, but they are certainly in the minority, and it seems that how we indulge is changing. There are two places where we play, at home usually on a console such as a PS3, Xbox or Wii, or out and about, on a small screen device.

Most of us now carry a mobile phone, and the majority of us carry smart phones. Phones which not only connect to the internet, but allow us to entertain ourselves while in the car, on a train, or even on a plane. But even that’s changing too.

Nintendo, the manufacturer of the Wii an the DS, had a slap in the face from reality in the past few weeks, with the stark realization that their old faithful, the Nintendo DS and 3DS are no longer the sought after gadgets they one were. The slap was so hard that Nintendo executives have slashed their own salaries as well as the price of their fledgling handheld console after the company's first quarterly operating loss.

President Satoru Iwata, who has taken a 50 per cent pay cut, told shareholders a "drastic approach" was needed in order to build momentum for the 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS

The lack of enthusiasm towards the 3DS, Nintendo’s follow-up to the DS in the company’s hugely successful handheld line - has been blamed on a poor selection of titles and unexciting technology, raising questions about the viability of the handheld market.

In Australia, from August 12, the price of the 3DS will be slashed by $100 down to $249.95 which will no doubt upset those who have already purchased the device but Nintendo says early adopters who may feel betrayed by the move will receive free game downloads to compensate.

So of the big three, Microsoft don’t really have a hand held gaming console, instead relying on options within the Phone 7 operating system, Nintendo have the 3DS which is struggling, and that leaves Sony. With the company still recovering from its tumultuous start to the year with hackings and earthquakes, what does fate have in store for the “Play Station Portable” handset scheduled for release later this year?

If it goes the same way as Nintendo’s DS, then it looks like the writing is on the wall for hand held gaming devices and we’ll all have to entertain our kids with expensive smartphones while in the back seat of the car on those long summer holidays.

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This week's App of the Week:

Flight Radar

Apple iPhone, iPad and Android: Flight Radar

Flightradar24 is a flight tracker, that makes it possible to view airplane traffic, in real time, on a Map in your iPhone/iPad/iPod. The website is also sensational.

Android Market

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