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Tech Talk Radio Show 29 of 2012
Transmission date:July 16, 2012
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Ep 29 of 2012
Episode 393

Monday July 16 2012

In these changing media times where newspapers are morphing into online portals, and TV stations are struggling to keep viewers, Telstra realises it's ambitions to become a content provider as well as a telco.

The US based video on demand service Netflix is now finding less of a demand for movies and more of a demand for show content.


Appleasy payAustralian Telcos have been given six weeks to improve customer service standards on complaints handling, advertising and credit management, as the media watchdog prepares to register a revised code governing the industry. So will it finally mean the end of bill shock? And what about unit pricing like in the supermarkets?

In a first, Apple Australia allows in store payments to be billed directly to your iTunes account, and

Adam takes a look at Geoblocking, a technique used to prevent internet users outside a specific country access to services within that country and wonders if the rewards are worth the hassle.

 Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition

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