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Tech Talk Radio Show 26 of 2012
Transmission date: June 25, 2012
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Ep 26 of 2012
Episode 390

Monday June 25, 2012

Microsoft launch new hardware called Microsoft Surface ahead of the launch of the company's new flagship operating system, Windows 8.

Microsoft Surface

One has to wonder if it's a little too late, or will it be the next gadget that will see the Microsoft phoenix rise from the ashes. Also, it was the week that those corporate identities that like to mislead consumers felt the wrath of the Australian legal system.

And would it surprise you that Tech firms are the best places to work? Well, unless you happen to work for a large media organization. And not surprisingly the world's most valuable computer company just keeps on growing. As well, Adam Turner gets the lowdown from Sony on video service that's finally found its way to Australian TVs – well Bravia TVs at least.

We look at the life of Alan Turing who would have turned 100 this June, we follow up on online backups as well we dip into the world of digital photography and DSLRs.

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Apple: OzRunways EFB

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