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Tech Talk Radio Show 26 of 2010
Transmission date: June 28, 2010
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Ep 26 of 2010
June 28, 2010

Ousted PM Rudd sits on Back BenchLast Wednesday, there was an interesting line up on ABC TV. Spics and Specs followed by The Gruen Transfer, and topped off with the demise of Australia's now ex Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. In as little as 12 hours, the bloodless coup was over. Kevin was relegated to the back bench, and Julia had been sworn in for the top job. So what of the policies of the then Rudd government now? Will Julia rethink the untenable, and what will become of Stephen Conroy, one of the instigators, and facilitators in the demise of Kevin Rudd.

Some in the technology industry have speculated that a front-bench reshuffle could see Communications Minister Stephen Conroy replaced by Canberra Senator Kate Lundy, who served as Shadow Communications Minister from 2001 to 2007. Lundy was among the first Labor Senators to voice her support for Gillard after the leadership challenge last week.

Noting that she had been raised to the position of Prime Minister by her colleagues, and not the Australian public, Gillard said she would speak to the Governor-General about holding a general election "in the coming months".

The rise of Julia Gillard to the top job seems to have arrested the slide in popularity for the labor government for the time being, but with an election to be called later this year, it's still possible that a change of government is in the wind.

Last week Telstra signed up to the NBN Co with conditions, so it seems that it's all systems go for the National Broadband Network, something that Abbot Liberal government has said is unnecessary and will be dismantled if it comes to power later this year. But what of the controversial internet filter? Was this one of Kev's babies, or is it a party policy which will stand the test of the new regime?

We're damned if we do and damned if we don't technologically speaking. If Labor is returned, Australia will have a high speed national broadband network free of monopolies and duopolies, but with an ISP level internet filter if they can get the bill through the senate. On the other hand, if the Liberal party has success in the poll later this year, then there goes the NBN, and we're back to where we are to day? What's the price of progress then? Who will you be barracking for come October or November this year?

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