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Tech Talk Radio Show 24 of 2011
Transmission date: June 13, 2010
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Ep 24 of 2011
June 13

Did you notice the internet go a bit slower last Wednesday? Well, it was the day to give IPv6 a go as many ISPs and Hosting companies around the world deployed the new protocol as a trial. There’s been a lot of talk recently that the range of IP addresses that we’re currently using – known as IPv4 were running out, and we’ve now reach that time. The limited number of internet addresses under the current system has been recognised as a problem since the 1980s.

All blocks of the old IPv4 have now been issued, which means once they’re use up, no more computers can connect to the internet. We, it’s not that bad really.


The Internet Society of Australia is coordinating the local end of the trial of a new internet system known as IPv6 and the society's president, Tony Hill said it’s a huge undertaking. He says more than 100 major global companies are participating in world IPv6 day including major service providers such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo. They’ve made their main website available through IPv6 as well as IPv4 at the same time.

The IPv4 protocol has a mere 4.3 billion addresses which ran out in February this year while the new IPv6 has 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses, and it's hoped they'll never run out.

Instead of a string of twelve digits, IPv6 uses a combination of 32 letters and numbers, creating many more internet addresses. The new system is vital because of the combination of a growing global population and the proliferation of new devices that connect to the internet. Also, the need is particularly acute in fast growing countries such as India and China.

So did the earth (or internet) move for you? So far so good.

This week on Tech Talk Radio

We check out Apple’s World Wide Developers conference for 2011 and there was nothing unexpected. Steve jobs front the Cupertino council in California with plans for new office space for 12,000 people. IPv6 hits the internet, all be it as a trial, Google sued over Chromebook name, Nokia's credit rating takes a hit thanks to Microsoft, and Adam Turner looks at Music and Apples new iCloud.

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