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Tech Talk Radio Show 23 of 2009
Transmission date: June 8, 2009

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Ep 23: Commonwealth Bank Spam, Australian e-scurity awareness week, Google Wave, Google Flu Trends, Google Squared, Twitter Impersonators

June 8, 2009

As we go to air tonight Mac-o-philes from around the world are converging on their equivalent of Mecca, the Annual Apple World Wide Developers Conference held in San Francisco. In just 8 hours time, the event’s key note speaker will address the throng of the apple faithful, so if you just can’t wait to hear what’s in store this year keep an eye on Macworld dot com, but if you want news and gossip as it happens, then twitter is the place for you.

Back home here in Australia this week, did you know it’s nation e-security week? The annual National E-security Awareness Week, which is a Federal Government initiative, aims to raise awareness about the importance of e-security among Australians.

2009 E-security Awareness Week

This year, the week, is being held from 5-12 June and aims to help inform home users, students and small business about the simple steps they can take to protect themselves, their families and their businesses online.

A range of events and activities are being held around Australia in metropolitan, remote and regional areas to help Australians understand e-security risks. There are simple tips being promoted throughout the Week to help Australians use the internet in a secure and confident manner including…

    * Get a better, stronger password and change it at least twice a year.
    * Get security software, and update and patch it regularly.
    * Stop and think before you click on links or attachments from unknown sources.
    * Information is valuable. Be careful about what you give away about yourself and others online.

Tonight the panel will give you their tips for a safer online world for you and yours, the dos and don’ts when it comes to social networking, as well as email, and physical security, such as what should be between you and the world of cyberspace.

Every city in the world has places you wouldn’t want to go, and cyberspace is no different.

Also on the show this week:

  • The Commonwealth Bank is up to pussies bow in hoax emails
  • Adam surfs the Google wave, and it seems good
    The amazing world of controller free video games is here
  • Acer to offer Google's Android OS on netbooks and
  • Allegedly, Australian employees waste time on social networks! Say it’s not true!