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Tech Talk Radio Show 22 of 2011
Transmission date: May 30, 2010
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Ep 22 of 2011
May 30

With the internet being a spring board for free speech, are we becoming a negative society? Chances are, if you're the recipient of poor customer service or goods that aren't to you expectation, you've ventured on to a blog or forum to vent you dissatisfaction.

With this in mind, should we as a society, start to provide websites where consumers can rate their satisfaction with an experience for all to see? Well, if in fact we are a bunch of wingers, then beware what you read online. The nation's fifth largest private fund, NIB has set up a website on which patients can talk about their good and their bad medical experiences.


Whoa. Now if that isn't a red rag to a bull, I don't know what is?

Rhod McKensey is chief marketing officer for NIB and said on ABC that the company is trying to provide a site where consumers and our customers can come and search for a practitioner, for example a dentist in their local area, and be able to compare the results across dentists on a number of factors including the likelihood of our customers to recommend that provider and an average service charge score. A dentist's name, their contact details including their name, address and phone number will be available in association with their comments, their service charge score and their likelihood to recommend score.

Controversially, it would name practitioners, and that has the profession crying foul. But if this is the sort of banter that's finding its way to social networking sites and blogs and local talk back radio stations already, does it really make much difference? Well those to whom the not so nice criticism is levied at may have cause for concern. On the other hand, it may go a long way to addressing short falls within this sector as well as show up the big Insurance companies for what they are?

This week on Tech Talk Radio

We keenly awaited return of Dr Ron, and we ask why the ABC's "Spicks and Specs" program finishes the same day he's in the audience. Also Windows Phone 7 to offer multitasking, NBN Co has called for expressions of interest from ISPs wanting to offer broadband products on the company's interim satellite service, and , Paul Buchanan, PayPal's Mobile Strategy Manager joins us live on the panel. Adam's got a view from the couch and we've got the usual odd spot gadget website and app of the week.

This week's App of the Week:


Android: LogMaster by 10thDoor

LogMaster is a travel log application for Android. It can be used for tracking travel logs for multiple vehicles or for logging any trip.

LogMaster is designed to be easy to use and to record vehicle logs quickly. The vehicle logs can be viewed in the application or can be emailed.

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