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Tech Talk Radio Show 19 of 2011
Transmission date: May 9, 2010
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Ep 19 of 2011
May 9

In a week where Sony's playstation hack just kept getting bigger, Victorians who reside in the bush switched to digital TV, and more new gadgets found their way to the market place for some time, Australia's Telecommunications Ombudsman released the 3rd quarter report, revealing record levels of complaints against telcos, with Vodafone making up the majority of complaints received by the office.


Nearly a quarter, 14,670 of the 59,532 complaints received by the ombudsman were about Vodafone - as a result of the company's ongoing issues with call handling and 3G network connectivity. This 96 per cent increase in complaints on the previous three months peaked in January, with fewer complaints recorded in February and March. But the complaints weren't limited to Vodafone.

There were 31 per cent more complaints than the previous 3-month period, with a 50 per cent increase in complaints relating to mobile phone services. The TIO noted that the focus of many of the new complaints was around customer service issues such as inadequate assistance, long wait times and failing to act on customer requests, in addition to concerns about wrong advice.

In a statement, ombudsman Simon Cohen said the sharp rise in new complaints to the TIO point to a grim quarter for consumers and that they had never received so many complaints. The TIO also received increased complaints about landlines, internet services and a 50 per cent increase in mobile telephone complaints. Corbin went on to say  that not even banks recorded this level of complaints - only receive 23,000 complaints in a whole year a year compared to telcos which have rocked up 60,000 in a single quarter — there's no doubt this is the worst industry to deal with in the country.

The TIO's role is currently being review by the Federal Government and as you'd expect, the three big telcos have all suggested that the ombudsman's funding system based on complaint escalation levels may not be appropriate and should be re-examined.

This week on Tech Talk Radio

The team behind Vodafail themusical - Scott and Shoena

LG release a new range of 3D TVs with cheap lightweight glasses, Victorian Country Television viewers are now digital only, Sony's hack just keeps getting bigger, Telecommunications complaints soar – now the largest recorded in 3 months, Apple updates software to fix that tracking issue, Facebook and Google are reportedly considering separate deals to buy Skype, and the team behind Vodafail the Musical, Scott and Sheona join us live in the Studio.

This week's App of the Week:

Train Trapper

Android: Melbourne Train Trapper by Scott Vandonkelaar

Offline timetable app for Melbourne Metro trains - Your complete timetable guide for the Metro Train Network.
Allows you to find the trains times for any Metro train service. Detects your location and displays the upcoming trains at your nearest station.
- Shows upcoming trains for your nearest or selected station
- Filter the display based on train line and direction
- Add stations to your favourites for quicker station selection and also quick views of when the train will arrive.
- Heaps of customising settings available including 'Home Lines' which will automatically filter the display to those lines when the app starts up.
- Search for trains at any time of day and between up to 2 train lines at a time. Perform a long press on any result to set yourself a reminder.
- Perform a long press on any train from the main screen to set a reminder or inform other users of a train delay.

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