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Tech Talk Radio Show 18 of 2011
Transmission date: may 2, 2010
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Ep 18 of 2011
May 2

Sony’s playstation network hack has become problematic for over 77 million users world wide, and a big head ache for Sony executives. But one thing which is becoming very noticeable with Japanese based companies, is their lack of transparency – and honesty, in business culture.


Several recent incidents have highlighted this in recent times. The electricity company that runs and maintains the Fukushima nuclear power plant have been very short and slow on status updates about repairs and leakage danger. Toyota had some vehicle recalls last year which lost the company industry credibility, and now it seems it’s Sony’s turn.

Last week, Sony announced that hackers had breached its online PlayStation Network a week earlier, compromising the names, addresses and possibly credit card data of 77 million users. The delay, in releasing this information according to Sony, was needed to conduct a so called forensic investigation.

In a statement posted on the official PlayStation blog, the company said user account information for the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services had been compromised following an "illegal and unauthorized intrusion into our network"

In Japan, where customers complain little and rarely sue, public relations gaffes are not a major problem, but in foreign markets that now account for most of their sales and growth, such a failing can be a costly handicap. Customers of Sony's PlayStation network, nine out of 10 who are based in the United States or Europe, were quick to express their anger.

A lawsuit has been filed in the US against Sony over the hack of its PlayStation Network. The legal action by a PSN user claims Sony did not do enough to protect the private data of its customers. It also asks for compensation and for Sony to pay for credit card monitoring to spot if stolen details are being used fraudulently. At the same time, the attorney generals for four US states have begun looking into the attack.

So if you’re a registered user of the Sony network, it may be prudent to check your credit card useage on a daily basis until  such time as Sony comes clean, or your bank advises you to change your card.

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