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Tech Talk Radio Show 16 of 2011
Transmission date: April 18, 2010
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Ep 16 of 2011
April 18

There's certain technology we take for granted these days such as mobile phones, Point of sale terminals, and Automatic teller machines. But did you know the benign ATM can sometimes get you into a lot of trouble, especially if you innocently withdraw more than you have in your account. Most, if not all would assume that the banks would have a system in place to prevent you overdrawing your account beyond a pre determined level,  and you'd be right, except when the ATM your using is not in contact with the banks central computer.


On the 1st of March this year, this was the case with the Commonwealth Banks ATMs. About 40 machines in Sydney and Melbourne went off-line and customers were able to withdraw large amounts of money and in some cases overdraw their accounts… some innocently, and some not so. Since ATMS are not like poker machines, and there's no such things as winnings from an ATM, the Commonwealth bank wants its money back and has subsequently become very heavy handed in it methods of recovery.

In a letter to a CBA customer asking for an amount of $730. In part it reads:

You are required to repay the overdrawn funds by Friday 15th of April, 2011. Failure to do so will result in further action by Commonwealth Bank to recover the debt which could include court action. The bank will also report suspected fraudulent activity to law enforcement authorities.

The bank has even stated it no longer wants to deal with some customers.

A fairly heavy handed approach for a technical error on the banks behalf. Common sense would suggest that if an ATM can't phone home, it would go off line, but whoever wrote the ATM software didn't think of this. So next time you're at the ATM or supermarket check out, the onus is on you not to withdraw more than you have, else you too may have the banks concrete boot makers checking out your shoe size.

This week on Tech Talk Radio

Adam finds out about digital radio in the UK, China accused of stealing "terabytes" of U.S. data, the NAB hit by net banking glitch, Have you've just realized that ie9 and Firefox 4 have just hit the streets? Well  IE10 and Firefox 5 not far off , the Commonwealth back takes to some customers with a threat of legal action.

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