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Tech Talk Radio Show 16 of 2009
Transmission date: April 20, 2009

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Ep 16: TTR Ep 1609: NBN Update, Social Networking at its best, Mcrosoft's Martin Gregory talks 'Foundation Servers', Google's profits head south for the first time, and Pirate Bay founders guilty as charged.

April 20 , 2009

At what point in your personal life do you find that you no longer control the technology in your life, but it controls you? I mean, when was the last time you did a technology census in your home?

Why not stop and think for a moment about a few simple questions.

  • How many remote controls do you have in the basket on the coffee table that do exactly the same thing?
  • How many active SIM cards do you have for mobile communications in the family?
  • What is the ratio of humans to computers in the household?
  • What is your primary source of music in the house hold – CDs or a file server?

And while on the subject of servers, how many do you have at your place?

If the ratio of technology to humans in your household is greater than 1, then chances are you a victim of technology! So what can be done about it, and more importantly, do you want to do anything about it?

Now while we’re on the subject of technology, how addicted are you to today’s internet? Do you think you can go cold turkey and switch off all your gadgets without doing yourself or someone else for that matter some serious harm?

Relax, because help is at hand! The team at netaddiction.com have put together a little survey to help you come to terms with your alleged problems. It’s a 20-item questionnaire that measures mild, moderate, and severe levels of Internet Addiction.

So if you’ve ever wondered if the internet is just something you can now no longer live without, or if someone near and dear to you is just beyond help, then do the test and know once and for all.

MArtin GregoryAlso on the show this week:

Adam Turner takes a look at the latests confusion over Freeview..

Google profits head south

We take a look at the changing face of Australian Broadband and

Microsoft’s Martin Gregory joins the panel to talk about a new initiative to get small business it’s own server.