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Tech Talk Radio Show 15 of 2011
Transmission date: April 11, 2010
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Ep 15 of 2011
April 11

In the cut and thrust, and sometimes controversial world of media, there are three major food groups involved in the entertainment industry who get pictures and sound to your TV screen.

At the top of the food chain, there are content creators, people who make media such as television, radio and films, and at the bottom of the food chain, is you, the consumer of pictures and sound. But between you and the content creators, are the distributors, the people who provide the technology to get the content to you, companies such as TV stations, Telcos, and online companies such as NetFlix, Hulu and Google. Yes Google. Google owns Youtube – the most popular video source on the internet today, and why?- because it's free.

According to reports in the UK Gardian this week, Google is strengthening its relationship with Hollywood and online programme-makers in an attempt to reposition YouTube for the rise of internet-connected TV.
The world's most popular video website will invest tens of millions of dollars in professionally-produced original programming as more viewers watch YouTube from their living room.

Google is also reported to be planning a "major overhaul" of YouTube this year, with the introduction of channels for topics such as arts and sports. About 20 of these channels would feature several hours of professional programming a week, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The move would represent a big shift away from the user-generated video that made YouTube the third most-popular site on the planet.

However, Google has attempted to play down the reports saying they're always updating the look and feel of YouTube and that any changes in YouTube's design would involve lots of research and would be rolled out slowly, over time to ensure the best possible user experience.

Although partnerships with broadcasters such as the BBC go back to 2007, Google has hastened its experimentation with full-length TV programming in recent months.
He who holds the keys is King, and Google have certainly had the upper hand in the online world for many years,  and this move sees them flex their muscles to maintain that lead in the foreseeable future.

This week on Tech Talk Radio

Adam finds out about Acer's new tech offerings and the new Optus Femto cell, a 75 year old granny takes two countries off line, the ocean floor is to be mapped for Google earth, NBN Co reveals ISP list for first-release sites, and Facebook, the world's largest social network, wants to get in on computer hardware as well.

Also tonight, App of the Week

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