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Tech Talk Radio Show 13 of 2009
Transmission date: March 30, 2009

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Ep 13: TTR Ep 1309: Virus protection, Apple Vs Bluray, The rise and Rise of Senator Conroy and his Internet filter, Daylight Savings tech nightmare.

March 30 , 2009

Last week I mentioned a storm was brewing over the parliamentary offices of the minister for Broadband Communications and the Digital economy, Senator Steven Conroy. Last Thursday night on the ABC’s Q&A program, the winds of change started to whip up a cynical audience into a feeding frenzy as they hoped to hear directly from the minister, exactly what he had in store for Australian’s and how it was going to affect them.

What we saw was an audience which had almost turned into a sea of hecklers, and not for reasons of anger, but for what appeared to be loss of interest and confidence in the Minister. As with most politicians, the rhetoric flowed, but as the discussion continued, the embarrassing ministerial gaffs kept flowing, almost to a point where the minister was laughed down.

Listen here (10sec)

OFLC Hacked

To add insult to injury, the Office of Film and Literature Classification (the OFLC), the organisation which the government considers the definitive source of what is good or otherwise, had its website hacked just moments before the minister made his television appearance.
The pièce de résistance from Senator Conroy was when he was asked whether he would consider publishing the black list to which he responded that publishing the list would defeat the purpose of having a list – a genuine conundrum. The irony of Conroy's comments wasn't lost on the audience, nor the show's host Tony Jones.

It wasn't the only embarrassment for Conroy, who was forced to concede that a mistake had been made blocking a website carrying images of controversial works by nude photographer Bill Henson, and of course the Russian Mafia were behind the inclusion of a Queensland dentist. This wore particularly thin with the crowd becoming more cynical by the moment.

Listen here (40 sec)

Conroy said that the dentist site "had been a good bit of fun this week" The half hour that was given to the topic on Q&A concluded with a rather frustrated minister trying to get the governments message home. You’ll hear all about it later in Tech Talk Radio.

You can watch Q&A here (while it lasts)

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