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Tech Talk Radio Show 12 of 2011
Transmission date: March 21, 2010
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Ep 12 of 2011
March 21

In a week which we’ll all remember for the worng reasons, Microsoft let its new Browser, Internet Explorer 9, off the leach. Internet Explorer has not been the choice browser for many years, well not since firefox and chrome have been about, so will IE 9 change the browser game in any way?


Built from the ground up solely with Windows 7 in mind, IE9 has certainly improved its speed and render engine capabilities. Whilst the Redmond giant claimed the “best experience of the web is on Windows with Internet Explorer 9,” Business analysts say for most businesses, the launch would be a “non-event.”

Despite questions over the impact IE9 would initially have, businesses who do decide to adopt the browser will gain a range of additional features. In particular, Microsoft has talked up the browser’s hardware acceleration, which will help power HTML5 content saying IE9 could unlock 90 percent of the PC’s power which has not been exploited by previous browsers which should improve the overall user experience.

Microsoft has been working with Adobe on ensuring Flash Player can take advantage of the hardware acceleration capabilities as well. There is also the ability to place favourite websites on the Windows 7 Taskbar to gain quick access to those sites.

As for security, Microsoft has kept the tracking protection feature added to a beta version in December. Both Mozilla and Google have been working on similar features within their respective Firefox and Chrome browsers. Meanwhile, two SmartScreen technologies in the form of malware protection and a download protection feature, have been added.

IE 9 is not for everyone, in fact it’s really tweaked for windows 7 users (it works on previous versions of windows)  but having said that, it’s been downloaded over 2 million times in its first 24 hours of availability.

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Also tonight, App of the Week and a competition!

App of the week:


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