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Tech Talk Radio Show 11 of 2012
Transmission date: March 12, 2012
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Ep 11 of 2012
March 12 2012
Episode 375

This week on the show, the world manages to survive 2 massive events this week, firstly the biggest solar flare for the past decade, and secondly the launch of the next generation iPad. Now it's just an iPad. Not an iPad 3 just an iPad, which will no doubt be remembered in history as the iPad 3, or the iPad 2 as you'll hear later in the show.

Also today, for all you lucky Optus customers, the telco is looking to serve ads to your mobile phone based on your location. Now there's one you didn't sign up for, and while we're talking Optus, they had a bit of a win over the penalty imposed on them last year for misleading advertising.

After 8 years, 3 customers will finally roam onto Vodafone's network and one has to ask why it took so long? There's the usual odd spot, gadget, app and website of the week, computer news with Leena, and Adam's on the couch. So who needs cheap movie tickets when you can sit back, log in to the chat, and relax for the next two hours with Tech Talk Radio.


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