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Tech Talk Radio Show 11 of 2011
Transmission date: March 14, 2010
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Ep 11 of 2011
March 14

In this ever changing world of hardware and software, things come and go. What's hip and cool one day, can be a footnote in the history of modern day communications the next. One noticeable stayer though, is malware. The nasty computer programs that try and steal your inner most secrets for the sole purpose of emptying out your bank account, or tuning you home computer into a zombie. Once upon a time, Trojans an viruses were designed to annoy us. They make characters fall of your screen, deleted things, and replicate themselves throughout your system, and looking back on it, it was mostly harmless.

In the past decade or so, things have changed. Today's malware is hell bent on stealing your identity, and by stealth. Only a combination of common sense, anti malware software, a secure mailbox and following best practices will keep you one step ahead of these crooks. The problem is, that with new operating systems and new hardware being foisted upon us on an almost daily occurrence, today's malware writers don't have to look very hard for new ways to exploit software and devices on our must have gadgets.

As reported last week, Malware writers have repackaged Google's recently released Android Market Security Tool with a bonus Trojan. The fake tool exploits Google's answer to the information-stealing DroidDream malware, which had up to 200,000 users. Google's clean up tool promised to wipe 50 offending applications from devices. The fake tool allowed its controller to send SMS messages at will, but its impact is currently limited to Chinese Android market.

So when it comes to embracing new technology, we're damned if we do and damned if we don't. If you err on the side of safety, then waiting a few months after new releases or upgrades become available is most likely your savior. We can't just 'not embrace' technology, so that's just not an option, but using common sense and keeping systems up to date with updates and patches should keep us safe in today's internet wilderness.

This week on Tech Talk Radio

  • This week Adam's taken the couch on the road and catches up with Kathryn Kerr from the Australian Computer Emergency Response
  • Team to talk about the latest security trends
  • We'll take a look at Phone 7
  • There'll be a first week winner of our "App of the Week"
  • We'll revisit the Kindle after being inundated with email and
  • now that iOS4.3 has hit the streets, we'll check out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Also tonight, App of the Week and a competition!

App of the week:


All Platforms: Glympse

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