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Tech Talk Radio Show 11 of 2010
Transmission date: March 15, 2010
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Ep 11 of 2010
March 15, 2010

When we, as consumers, sign up to a telecommunications provide for mobile voice and data, chances are they want their pound of flesh for about 24 months, which in the world of technology, is an incredibly long time. Just take a look at the handset you were using two years ago, and compare it to the gadget you’re currently using. But it’s not just the technology you hold in your hand or plug into your computer… the door swings both ways.

Have you considered the technology and service that you receive from your telco which connects you to the world? The contract you enter into with your telco is all about tying you to them, and what you’re allowed to do with the services they provide not the quality of service they provide to you. Some even go to the extent of what they call a “fair use policy” which in plain speak means they can limit or even disconnect you from their network if the feel the urge. But what happens if their service deteriorates to a point where it becomes unusable where once it was rock solid?

When Telstra turned off their CDMA network a few years back to make way for the 3rd Generation mobile network, there was quite a song and dance from both government and consumers to ensure that the new network  performed just as well, if not better than the outgoing CDMA network.

Earlier this month, Hutchison 3 switched their roaming partner from Telstra to Vodafone, a switch which certainly saves 3 Money, but at the cost of call drops to a point where the only way to use a mobile phone connected to 3 is to be stationary. If you’re driving through the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, it is no longer possible to keep a call connected for any longer than a few minutes – something which until the switch, was never an issue. Maybe 3 don’t have their in call handovers working just right yet, but the chorus of anger and willingness to switch back to Telstra is starting to become hard to ignore.

So what about the contract between the phone company and you? Because 3 is a city centric carrier and does not have the reach and coverage of the incumbent, it probably won’t raise the attention of politicians or the general public, but if you’re a Hutchison 3 user, there’s not much you can do apart from churn to another carrier. After all, the contract you’re in will say nothing about the level of service they have to provide. So what’s it to be 3? If you don’t restore the network usability to what it was in quick smart time, the mass exodus will start… and we all know how hard it is to retain customers in a saturated mobile communications market. 

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