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Tech Talk Radio Show 10 of 2012
Transmission date: March 5, 2012
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Ep 10 of 2012
March 5 2012
Episode 374

This week on the show, Gerry Harvey is back in the news this week lamenting over his slowing online sales, It's the week that see's the rumored iPad 3 announcement in San Francisco on Wednesday, Optus failed to silence Andrew – Demetriou  that is, Windows 8 takes another step closer with the release of a consumer preview. Yes you can download it and give it a try if you like Google's new privacy policy kicks in, Adam takes a close look at the new Telstra NBN offerings and the results probably won't surprise you, and Leena has the latest in Gaming news from around the globe.

Timelapse Creator

Android: Timelapse Creator

Take photos at certain intervals and create a time lapse video

Time Lapse Creator takes photos with the phone's camera at certain intervals and stores them as separate images to the device. The photos can be viewed as a time lapse video with the build in player. Time lapse videos are especially suited when shooting e.g. cloudscapes, plants and flowers and construction projects.

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