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Tech Talk Radio Show 10 of 2011
Transmission date: March 7, 2010
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Ep 10 of 2011
March 7

Despite the speculation over Steve Job's health, last week we saw a somewhat gaunt Apple CEO launch his latest pride and joy, the iGadget know as iPad 2. A slimmer, faster, more colourful version of the device which has already sold 15 million units worldwide, in just 9 short months. And as Steve does so well, he left his San Franciscan audience wanting.

iPad 2

All credit must go to the Apple marketing machine with the roll out of their iconic television campaign promoting a range of must have accessories for the new device. Steve was at pains to point out the price of the new iPad, a price which remains unchanged from the original iPad price, but in the same sentence he was quick to point out the nearest competitors pricing was higher than 5 of the six Apple iPad models.

Combine the iPad 2 with the ubiquitous iPhone, which has now sold over 100 million units, with the biggest app store on the internet, and you have the recipe for success. In fact, it's a recipe which others in the same market place can only dream of emulating.

In the same presentation, Steve was also selling up the grandeur of Apple's online stores. iTunes, Apps and iBooks now boast 200 million accounts with a credit card on file, and with 1 click purchasing – something which Apple is very proud of, and something that Apple believes is the most accounts with credit cards anywhere on the internet – even greater than that of Amazon.

Apple ATMThere has been speculation of recent time over the next generation of iPhone having Near Field communications technology built in. This would enable iPhone users to purchase goods and services at a retail POS like the current pay pass technology, but instead of debiting you bank account, it may just debit your Apple account, turning the Cupertino giant into a Bank.

I wonder if Apple will be good for a home loan in a year or so's time.

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