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Tech Talk Radio Show 8 of 2010
Transmission date: February 22, 2010
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Ep 08 of 2010
February 22, 2010

The internet is a living, breathing entity. Each day something new rears its head, sometimes it’s good sometimes not so. Last week Lidija Davis drew our attention to a new social networking site which is sending shivers down the spine of many parents and law enforcement experts alike.

Introducing chatroulette – a website that allows random strangers to talk face to face via webcam. The media feeding frenzy began early last week with articles most major newspapers including the Melbourne Age, Sydney Morning-Herald, the UK Guardian, and the New York Times.

According to Alan Long, a researcher for Pacific, Online global sensations are far and few between and there is no guarantee whether Chatroulette is a flash in the pan novelty or whether it can be leveraged into a longer term idea of substance. He said that this is a smart piece of hacking or mashing from a Russian teenager that makes use of Skype to connect people around the world, and as the name suggests, it is a bit of a roulette gamble on the strangers you’ll connect to via your webcam.

As the word started to spread, and a media driven peak on 16 February. Chatroulette currently stands as the 481th ranked website visited by Australian Internet users (17 February 2010), down from the peak of 356 the previous day and the number two webcam website behind Coastal Watch.

Chatroulette at face value looks relatively harmless, the concern is that it will connect unsuspecting people with a raft of unscrupulous villains who don’t have the same motive in mind. It certainly is not for the young members of the family, nor the old for that matter.

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