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Tech Talk Radio Show 6 of 2012
Transmission date:February 6, 2012
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Ep 6 of 2012
February 6
Episode 370

Well it's good to be back for 2012 and as per usual, plenty has happened while been off air and living the life of rest and relaxation. We'll some of us anyway.

The big news on today's show is Optus's win in the legal system allowing Optus customers to time shift AFL and NRL sporting events although it may be a short lived victory. Also Facebook is looking to raise about $5bn so Mark has chosen to sell shares to the public. Then there's Google's privacy update. You know the one you didn't read when it splashed across your screen in the past week. SOPA was all the rage while we were on holidays with many popular websites shutting down for a day to protest the proposal before the US government, so well take a look at that too, Adam Turner is back with his view from the couch... there's news from the gaming world and a whole lot more. Oh and don't forget the odd spot, gadget and website of the week.

Dr Ron's Optus Tech support disaster
No one is immune to incompetence, but some telcos are better at it than others. Tech Talk Radio's Dr Ron recently had 'one of those calls' to the Optus internet help desk only to find out that help is the last thing on Australia's No2 telcos mind.
You can read all about the events on Dr Ron's blog in an article titled:
"An Optus Internet Support Call (or, a Lesson in Abject Incompetence)"

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