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NBN Co Operations Centre Docklands - Friday November 24, 2011

On Friday November 24, 2011, NBN Co's headquarters was officialy opened by the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy.

The Docklands centre houses three floor-to-ceiling screens that constantly monitor NBN Co's network and alert technicians to any faults. It was fitted out with $32.5 million worth of equipment and also houses a ''discovery centre'' and test facility for customers to try out new services.

National Operations and Test Facility Overview
NBN Co has leased and fitted out approximately 4000 square metres of office space in Docklands, Melbourne, where it monitors and manages the national broadband network and facilities, orders service connections and fault repairs, and allows telecommunications companies using the network to test their services before rollout.

The building is home to the National Operations and Test Facility (NOTF) which is comprised of the Network and Service Operations Centre, the National Test Facility, the Service Activation Centre and the Discovery Centre. The NOTF has inter-connectivity with the NBN Co data centres where the Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operational Support Systems (OSS) are housed.

NBN Co has invested approximately $32.5 million developing the NOTF in Docklands, including office fit-outs, IT and other equipment (technical and non-technical).


NBN Bus at NBN Co HQ Docklands Melbourne

Pictured above is the NBN truck. It will travel Australia to educate school and community groups about the national broadband network (NBN). Below is the Network Service and Operations Centre (NSOC)

Network Service and Operations Centre (NSOC)

The NSOC serves as the nerve centre of the NBN and provides state-of-the-art network monitoring 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year of the entire national network. It provides a single point of contact for all NBN Co's customers – telephone and internet service providers – and assists them activate services and manage enquiries.

The NSOC also works to rectify network disruptions to facilitate service providers' delivery of telephone and internet services to their customers.

The centre offers multi-tiered support for customers and the network including a Customer Operations Team (24/7 helpdesk support for partners), a Network Surveillance Team and an Operations Support Team.

National Test Facility (NTF)

The NTF provides a full multi-vendor, end-to-end test environment where new services can be proved before they are used in the live network. The facility is also where NBN Co service providers complete their on-boarding requirements to gain certification. Service providers tested and certified in the NTF

  Network Service and Operations Centre (NSOC)

NBN Discovery Centre

In direct response to the large number of queries and interest about when, where and how the NBN will be rolled-out, NBN Co has created demonstration facilities to answer what the NBN is, why it's needed, how it works, how it will deliver benefits to all Australians and how everyone can get connected.

NBN Co has created a Discovery Centre which is located at 1010 La Trobe Street, Docklands, Melbourne. The facility is equipped with technologies designed to simulate home and small business environments connected to the NBN.

Members of the public and interested parties can make a booking on the NBN Co website to visit the Discovery Centre. This facility is also used as a venue for important events and media relations opportunities.

Additionally, an NBN Co demonstration truck will tour Australia visiting more than a 100 towns over the next 12 months covering in excess of 60,000kms as it delivers an educational experience to communities. It is expected to host around 200 people per day, which equates to approximately 1,000 visits per week and over 50,000 visits each year. Just like the Discovery Centre, the 23-tonne NBN Co Truck is also equipped with technologies designed to simulate home and small business environments connected to the NBN.

  NBN Co Docklands discovery Centre

Coming Soon, HD vision of the launch

Pictures from the launch
Click to enlarge (some)
NBN Prime mover Dsicovery bus   NBN-video screens in bus   NBN-video screens in bus
The prime mover tasked with transporting the NBN Discovery Centre truck   Large screen High Definition video screen inside the Discovery truck   Video screens inside the truck for HD two way video demos and the likes
NBN-Ron and Andrew interview with school kids   NBN-Interview with Bacchus Marsh Students   Ron Interview Bacchus Marsh Student
The Tech Talk pruduction crew hard at work talking to students from Bacchus Marsh Vic.   Interview with Bacchus Marsh Students   Ron Interviews Bacchus Marsh Student
NBN-Conroy and Quigley inspect the NBN truck   NBN-Conroy talks to Tech Talk Radio   NBN-Ron and Brian strategise
Conroy and Quigley inspect the new NBN Discovery truck.   Minister Stephen Conroy talks to Tech Talk Radio   Ron and Brian strategise
NBN-Network Service and Operations Centre Equipment 1   NBN-Network Service and Operations Centre Equipment 2   NBN-Network Service and Operations Centre Equipment 3
Inside the heart of NBN Co's Network Service and Operations Centre (NSOC)
More shots from inside the NBN Network Service and Operations Centre - It looks a lot like Telstra's Global Operations Centre
NBN Pole termination   NBN service portal   NBN street pit
You'll see these up poles outside your house.
This is where the arial fly-in terminates.
  The fibre from the street terminates here. There are 4 ports that any reseller can connect your service to.   This is a pit you'll find in your street full of fibre. If it's green, it's an NBN fibre. Other colors, other telcos or providers (Telstra is blue)
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